Texas Amassing Elite Talent

Just how much talent has Texas acquired over the past few classes? Here at LonghornDigest.com, we love statistics and organization. So we'll try to break down just how much elite talent the Longhorns are hauling in.

First off, without counting on any defections or early entries, Texas has 20 five-star players set to be on roster when the 2013 season kicks off. Players with a * by their name are technically not five-star players in the Scout.com system yet, but are counted here because they are currently in the Scout top 50. At the end of the season, the top 50 players are awarded five-star rankings every year, so I didn't think that was too much of a leap.

Here are the 20, listed with at the position Scout ranked them at:

QB Tyrone Swoopes, RB Malcolm Brown, RB Johnathan Gray, WR Mike Davis, WR Jaxon Shipley, WR Cayleb Jones, WR Ricky Seals-Jones, OT Kennedy Estelle, OT Mason Walters, * OT Jake Raulerson, OG Curtis Riser, * C Darius James, DE Jackson Jeffcoat, DE Reggie Wilson, DT Desmond Jackson, DT Malcom Brown, * DT A'Shawn Robinson, OLB Jordan Hicks, MLB Steve Edmond, S Demarco Cobbs.

But you don't have to be a five-star player to be elite at your position. What about those players at positions that didn't have a five-star, or very few five stars at those spots? In this case, 2013 Texas should have 14 more players who were ranked in the top 10 of their respective positions in the country.

Those 14 are:

FB Joe Bergeron (No. 3), WR Jake Oliver (No. 8), OT Garrett Greenlea (No. 7), OT Camrhon Hughes (No. 10), OG Sedrick Flowers (No. 4), C Dominic Espinosa (No. 6), OLB Deoundrei Davis (No. 6), OLB Torshiro Davis (No. 8), OLB Tevin Jackson (No. 9), MLB Dalton Santos (No. 5), CB A.J. White (No. 4), CB Josh Turner (No. 6), CB Bryson Echols (No. 9), CB Leroy Scott (No. 10)

Now, let's combine the two to form a lineup, and with the players' real roster positions (players listed in order of seniority). Those in the Classes of 2012 and 2013 are listed at the positions Texas recruited them for:

QB: Tyrone Swoopes

RB: Malcolm Brown, Joe Bergeron, Johnathan Gray

WR: Mike Davis, Jaxon Shipley, Cayleb Jones, Ricky Seals-Jones, Jake Oliver

OT: Garrett Greenlea, Kennedy Estelle, Camrhon Hughes

OG: Mason Walters, Sedrick Flowers, Curtis Riser

C: Dominic Espinosa, Darius James

DE: Jackson Jeffcoat, Reggie Wilson, Torshiro Davis, Jake Raulerson

DT: Desmond Jackson, Malcom Brown, A'Shawn Robinson

LB: Jordan Hicks, Demarco Cobbs, Steve Edmond, Tevin Jackson, Dalton Santos, Deoundrei Davis

DB: A.J. White, Josh Turner, Leroy Scott, Bryson Echols


So, to recap, Texas has 34 players who could be considered elite prospects out of high school by Scout.com that are slated to be on the 2013 team. And while all of them certainly won't pan out, if just half do, Texas has a starting lineup almost entirely filled with elite players.

The other thing to notice how well the positions are balanced. Seventeen players are on offense. Seventeen are on defense. Only tight end isn't represented.

Of course, players in the 2013 class could see their ranking shift, or could lose a star over the course of their senior seasons. And the Longhorns could obviously land a few players who would be added to this list.

And it goes without saying that players who weren't ranked as "elite" talents out of high school, you know, like Carrington Byndom and Quandre Diggs, will be elite players once they get to college. So the number could actually be much, much higher.

With that in mind, this is a very real look at the kind of talent that Texas is accumulating. Elite talent, at nearly every position.

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