Basketball Offseason: The Frontcourt takes a look at the Texas frontcourt, how each player can improve, and a Big 12 example for each player to follow.

Jonathan Holmes. F, 6-7 239

Aim For: Royce White, F, Iowa State

Holmes showed flashes of his ability at times this season, but struggled to piece it all together at once. He's a face-up four man with the ability to shoot all the way out to three-point range. Now, he needs to take the next step with his handle. White tore through the Big 12 this year through a craftiness with the ball, an ability to get to the basket against anybody and the foresight to pass the ball out of bad situations. Holmes is a good athlete for the position, and he's about the same height as White (albeit nowhere near White's 270 pounds). If he could work on his game driving to the basket, he could be a total handful, and even use that ability to create looks for others. White is also an outstanding rebounder, something else that Holmes could stand to improve. Getting stronger and working to avoid fouls would also be nice steps up in his game.

Jaylen Bond, F, 6-7 224

Aim For: Quincy Acy, F, Baylor

More than anything, Acy provides energy, and that's something that the athletic and strong Bond can provide in spades. Sure, Bond could stand to get more polished. But the Longhorns would be better helped if he would develop a bit as a shot-blocker, rebounder and all-around firecracker. Bond is already a similar size to Acy, and seems to be a similar athlete. What he needs now is that extra helping of nastiness. Acy rebounds because he refuses not to get the rebound. And he dunks everything around the basket to send a message. That's the kind of player Bond can be, and would be a tremendous help to a Texas team looking to break in three new big men next year, both in terms of adding something different and in setting the tone in practices.

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