Spring Practice Notes

Texas football players talked about the reboot of spring practice this week.

1) When David Ash was a kid, his parents didn't have cable, and didn't really let him play video games. There was the occasional odd video rental, but Ash said Thursday "I was outside a lot."

2) That involved taking a football with him everywhere he went. Ash said he still has the habit, and often takes the ball with him to class. The one place he won't take it? Church.

3 Kenny Vaccaro said the offense had done a nice job of taking care of the ball this spring, with the offense only turning the ball over once on Thursday. That came courtesy of a Vaccaro pick, though he admitted that he used a veteran trick to get it. Vaccaro lost D.J. Monroe in coverage, but knew which route Monroe would be running. So rather than chasing one of the Longhorns' fastest player, he ran to the area where he figured Monroe would be, and intercepted Ash. On the return, Vaccaro put a juke on Ash to get away. Ash said afterward of the pick: "It won't happen again."

4) It's been said here before, but Alex Okafor backed it up on Thursday: Reggie Wilson is an awfully good football player. Okafor said Wilson had a monster spring, saying that: "Honestly, I think Reggie is ready to start right now." That will prove difficult once Jackson Jeffcoat gets back into the fray, but the point remains that Texas has some excellent depth on the defensive line.

5) Vaccaro had great things to say about do-it-all defensive back Josh Turner, who has spent time this spring at cornerback, nickel back and safety. "He can do it all."

6) John Harris is a welcome addition back for both quarterbacks. Case McCoy said "John is a big target and has big hands. I thought he had a great day today." Ash complimented Harris on his physicality. Ash said that if you didn't know Harris was injured before, you wouldn't be able to tell on the practice field.

7) Vaccaro had similar thoughts about Demarco Cobbs. Vaccaro said that Cobbs's speed took the defense to another level. He said he was watching film on Tuesday's practice and was struck by just how quickly Cobbs got into the backfield on a blitz.

8) Vaccaro spoke about Duane Akina's desire for all the defensive backs to be versatile, citing the need to be good on the back end because "We are in a pass-pro league." Vaccaro said Sheroid Evans and Mykkele Thompson were working at cornerback, and Carrington Byndom spent some time at safety. "You have to be able to play man-to-man with all of these receivers. It's a pass-first league out there," Vaccaro said.

9) McCoy said he didn't try to measure himself against Ash, or against brother, Colt. "Everyday I am trying to be the best that I can be," McCoy said. McCoy said he's gotten bigger and stronger, something that he said he realized was a must after last season's Oklahoma game.

10) And finally, in what seems like daily praise for the new middle linebacker Steve Edmond, Vaccaro went out of his way to single him out as a possible playmaker. Vaccaro said that he didn't care what size Edmond was, because Edmond might be, pound-for-pound, the best athlete on the team. "I don't care if he's 300 pounds," Vaccaro said.

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