Ridley Shows Out at McD's Game

Cam Ridley didn't get a very good chance to showcase his talents in Wednesday night's McDonald's All-American Game. At the same time, it allowed him to show his value to next year's Longhorn team.

There are two kinds of truly valuable post players on offense.

There are the kind that you can dump the ball into and be reasonably sure that they'll come out with two points. And there are those who can score off-schedule, players who are such excellent rebounders that they can essentially create offense by attacking the offensive glass (on a side note, this seemed to be the major framework behind the Kansas State offense this year, but I digress). Those players can also hunt lobs and get buckets outside of the natural flow of the offense.

It was in the latter category that Ridley showcased his talent. He scored 12 points without really getting any support (read: post feeds) from the West team's guards and had nine rebounds and two blocks to boot. It fit in line with Ridley's reputation as one of the elite rebounders in the class, and also showed why he can have value to next year's Longhorns: he doesn't have to have offense run for him to get looks and points.

That's not to say that Texas won't run offense for Ridley. But it's encouraging to know that even if he isn't getting the table set for him, he can still be a factor. On a team that struggled at times this year to get great looks, that's certainly a great sign. And after what had been labeled as a tough week for the future Texas center, it was great to see him rebound (no pun intended) when the lights came on.

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