Top Five Tight Ends takes a look at the top in-state players. Up now, the tight ends.

1) Durham Smythe, Belton (Texas)

Smythe is essentially a big wide receiver, with a long, lanky frame. He does a great job of catching the ball, and uses his height, at 6-foot-6 to make himself tough to deal with on jump balls. The only question here is whether Smythe will be able to add the weight to be a pure tight end, as opposed to a flexed-out receiver type. With how Texas asks its tight ends to block, it's a valid question.

2) Christian Morgan, Prestonwood Christian

Those who prefer blocking tight ends will likely turn their attention to Morgan, who runs well for his size in general, but isn't necessarily going to test defenses down the seams. At 260-plus pounds already, and standing more than 6-4 tall, Morgan has the frame to potentially end up along the offensive line. But if he can stick at tight end, he'll be an edge-winner for whoever gets his signature.

3) Trent Gow, Mansfield

Gow lacks Morgan's frame, but makes up for it with plenty of tenacity. You might not find a tight end in this class who appears to like blocking more than Gow does, who is also a solid receiver. Gow spent the last year honing his skills against Texas signee Hassan Ridgeway in practice, so he's plenty battle-tested as well.

4) Jeremiah Gaines, Red Oak

Also a linebacker prospect, Gaines's main weakness is that he lacks the height and frame to get significantly bigger than his current 6-2 230 size. But that won't stop him from being an awfully good H-back, because he can really run. Watch his film, and he actually plays flanker at times, which is made more impressive when he sprints by much smaller defensive backs.

5) Dannon Cavil, San Antonio Madison (Mississippi)

Cavil is currently a wide receiver, but at 6-4 210, and with his frame, it isn't hard to project him as a 240-plus pound guy who can outrun linebackers and make big plays in the passing game. Cavil is still a bit raw at times, though it's hard to teach his combination of size and athleticism.

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