Top Five Cornerbacks takes a gander at the top in-staters for the Class of 2013. Who are the top cornerbacks?

1) Maurice Smith, Fort Bend Dulles

If you were picking the top safety in the state, it might also be Smith. Smith is a safety-sized corner who excels at bump-and-run. If there's a knock on Smith, it's that some wonder if he is quite athletic enough to play cornerback, but he's plenty athletic for his size, and his versatility only adds to the fact that he's a likely take.

2) Antwuan Davis, Bastrop

If you were giving out awards for the most tools, Davis would probably win. Because there aren't a lot of 6-footers who are among the fastest people in the state. Davis is a track standout as well, and routinely clocks in the mid-to-low 4.3 range. But he was banged up last year, and didn't have the best film as a result. Huge upside.

3) Will Barrows, Dallas Skyline (Texas Tech)

Barrows lacks one thing that both Smith and Davis have. Size. But he makes up for it with tremendous work ethic and overall ability. Barrows is the kind of cornerback receivers hate to face: athletic, tough and always in your jersey. If Barrows were 6-foot, he'd be higher on this list. But he isn't.

4) Colin Janice, West Orange-Stark

Janice is another pint-sized cornerback from West Orange-Stark, bringing back memories of 2012 prospect Justin Thomas. Janice runs well and has nice hips. He's just as good as Thomas was, but like Thomas, or Barrow for that matter, Janice lacks great size.

5) Buck Wilson, Commerce

Wilson is an option between the two. He runs well, and is a fluid athlete, but he's not quite as athletic as a guy like Janice. But he's a little bit bigger than Janice at the same time. Wilson plays mostly receiver and free safety, so projecting him takes a little imagination. But he could be a pretty good corner in a down class.

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