Top Five Safeties takes a look at the top in-state players for 2013. In the final installment, it's the safeties.

1) Kameron Miles, West Mesquite

Miles could bump down to linebacker, much the same way Raaquan Davis might. But for right now, he's the state's best safety, somebody with an outstanding frame and great athleticism. He's more of a strong safety type, a player who can make an impact against the run.

2) Erik Huhn, Cibolo Steele

Huhn is yet another linebacker/safety hybrid with a great frame. He's a tall, long athlete and on film, he showcases above-average range. But more than that, he's a heady player who finds a way to make plays through his instincts: he's often in the right place at the right time.

3) George Baltimore, Mansfield

And here we have our first free safety type. The knock on Baltimore is that he is the same size as a bigger corner, but not quite the size of a safety. But he makes up for that with great range and the desire to use his pads to break up pass plays. He's much better against the run than you would guess, too.

4) Austin Jupe, San Antonio East Central

Jupe is a 6-1 safety with long, long arms who plays cornerback for East Central. He's a cover player, somebody who excels in bump-and-run, and who can give a team a safety that can man up against the pass. Jupe also appears to be a ready and willing tackler.

5) Jordan Sterns, Cibolo Steele

Yes, Steele has two of the top five centers in the state. Sterns may project as more of a pure safety, a 6-0, 195-pound player with a thick body. He's a high-ceiling guy because he's also an excellent athlete, and while he's still figuring things out from a football standpoint, he has the toughness displayed by serving as Malcolm Brown's former fullback.

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