Cole Luke: Scouting Report National Recruiting Analyst talks Chandler (Ariz.) cornerback Cole Luke, who is visiting Texas this weekend.

"I think he's a real flexible guy," Huffman said. "He's not stiff at all. He's really fluid. Luke is a good athlete with really good closing speed, and he's pretty physical for his size. He's not the biggest guy at 165 or 170 pounds, but he's very physical. He won't hesitate to hit somebody.

"Really, you're just looking for him to put on weight," Huffman said. "Because he has everything else. He's fluid and he has the ball skills. He just has to get thicker. If he went against, say, Cayleb Jones, it would be a mismatch because he can't match Cayleb's strength."

Huffman said that Luke was "probably closer to 5-11 than 6-foot", and added that he was a cornerback all the way, because he didn't have the frame to add the needed 35-40 pounds.

"But even with that, it's almost a waste to even think about him there, because he does have those exceptional coverage skills," Huffman said. "His ability is more that of a pure corner."

When asked who Luke reminded him of, Huffman singled out a Texas opponent from 2011: California cornerback Stefan McClure. The No. 4 cornerback in the class of 2011, from Vista (Calif.), McClure played for Cal as a true freshman this past season.

"Both are pretty physical despite their lack of size," Huffman said. "And they both have a lot of pure coverage ability to them."

So does Luke have the ability to be a top-five cornerback in the Class of 2013? He's currently ranked as the No. 9 player at the position by

"Absolutely he does," Huffman said. "His problem is that it's a ridiculous cornerback class out West. He's the No. 4 cornerback in the West, and the No. 9 cornerback overall. I think the West has the No. 5, 7, 8 and 9 cornerbacks in the nation.

"You could pretty much throw a dart against the wall, and any of those four guys could be No. 1," Huffman said. "And (Luke) is in that discussion."

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