Offensive Players to Watch Sunday

With the Texas Spring Jamboree set to kick off, here are five offensive players to keep an eye on.

1) David Ash, quarterback

Ash has always had the physical tools, but the word this spring is that Ash is showing the mental aptitude and the leadership qualities to go with it. Simply showing a better deep ball would be a huge help, in that it would allow Texas to punish teams for stacking the box against the running game.

2) Joe Bergeron, running back

Speaking of the running game, Bergeron has quietly put together an outstanding spring. The 241-pound back has changed his body to the point that some of his former teammates actually thought that he had lost weight from his high school days. It doesn't especially matter if Bergeron beats Brown out or vice versa. Both will receive plenty of carries. But it's still nice to see Bergeron asserting himself.

3) Mike Davis, wide receiver

Perhaps no player has made a bigger jump in terms of attitude from last year. And the thing about Davis is that he's always had the talent. In the open practices, Davis appeared to be the best player on the field for the offense, troubling the Texas cornerbacks and looking like a potential All-Big 12 player.

4) M.J. McFarland, tight end

The reviews for the former high school receiver turned 260-pound tight end have been positive since the kick off of spring ball, and McFarland needs to continue to improve as a blocker. That would allow Texas to keep Luke Poehlmann on the offensive line and not tip their hand on play calls because McFarland is more capable of going out and catching a pass.

5) Dominic Espinosa, center

Espinosa has been injured for much of the last couple offseasons, meaning he hasn't been able to add the weight and strength needed to take advantage of his sizable potential. The difference is that now, Texas has some options. The Longhorns could stick with Espinosa, who started all last year, or they could move Mason Walters to center and free up rising redshirt freshman Sedrick Flowers to take Walters's spot at guard.

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