Davis Excited About Texas

Tell most coaches about a defensive end with a 400-pound bench press and a 4.5-second 40-yard dash, and they'll only have one question: "When can he get here?"

In the case of Shreveport Woodlawn (La.) pass-rusher Torshiro Davis, the answer is "not soon enough."

"I'm counting down the days, man," Davis said. "I'm so excited to get there."

The last prospect to commit to the Longhorns in the Class of 2012, Davis pulled somewhat of a National Signing Day surprise by picking Texas over home-school LSU. And it was actually on his trip back from LSU the weekend before signing day that Davis made his decision.

"It was a relief to sign with Texas," Davis said. "I was glad to get it off my chest."

Davis then made a return trip to the 40 Acres for the Texas Spring Game.

"It felt good to be there," said Davis, who chose the Longhorns for their coaches. "Everybody was still showing me the same love that they did before I signed. I felt like I made a good decision."

For the Longhorns, the decision to recruit Davis was a no-brainer. One of the elite pass-rushers in the class, Davis was a valued commodity before he went out and ran a 4.56 at The Opening. For comparison's sake, home-run hitting linebacker Johnathan Gray ran a 4.53 at the same event, and Davis did it weighing 210 pounds.

But while many saw his athleticism and 6-foot-3 frame and thought he was a linebacker, Davis had his heart set on playing defensive end, a longing the Longhorns were only too willing to embrace.

"I wouldn't say that was the factor behind my decision," Davis said. "But it was a factor.

"It's a comfort thing," Davis said. "Playing football for 13 years now, that's the spot I've always been at. I'm just used to it."

Of course, that came with a mandate: put on the weight to play on the line, and get stronger. And Davis has done both. After finishing his senior season at 218 pounds, Davis has packed on a solid 17 pounds while actually improving his 100-meter times. And the now-235-pounder said he still had some unfinished business.

"My coach has a bet with me that I'm not going to get to 400 pounds on the bench press before I leave," Davis said. "But I'm going to get there."

Davis said he was currently benching around 370 pounds, but felt confident he would reach the milestone. And while he said he planned to gain weight, he was surprised at how quickly and easily it came, particularly in the heart of track season.

"I honestly don't know how it happened so fast," Davis said. "It just kind of happened. I was just trying to keep my speed too, but I feel like I've gotten faster (since The Opening)."

Davis is currently fast enough that he runs the anchor leg on Woodlawn's 4x100 and 4x200 teams, and said that — while he doesn't run the 100-meter open — his time is "probably around 10.9."

And that's a skill set that Davis looks forward to unleashing in Austin in less than two months.

"I'm excited," Davis said. "It feels like I have a long time left to go until I'm there."

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