Sizing up the Rankings Changes National Recruiting Analyst Brian Snow talks about the Texas signees who made, or didn't make the just-released final Top-100 rankings, and their movements up or down. So, it wasn't a big drop, but Cameron Ridley fell just outside of the top 10, from nine to 11. Can you talk about what happened there?

Brian Snow: It had just as much to do with a couple of other guys as it did with Cameron. (Kentucky signee) Alex Poythress made huge strides, and he saw a bump into the top 10. And the other one who moved into the top 10 was (Arizona signee) Grant Jerrett. We try not to get too carried away with the McDonald's game stuff, but he was a guy who outperformed Cameron in a couple of one-on-ones, and that bumped Cameron down a spot. None of that is an indictment of Cameron as a player. He's an elite prospect, but he just finished slightly outside of the top 10. What about the two other guys in the top 100, Prince Ibeh at 52 and Javan Felix at 91?

Snow: Ibeh moved up seven spots. There wasn't really too much new about him. He's an elite shot-blocker who is more potential than player right now. Felix dropped from 80 to 91. He was a guy that we had a lot of debate about. I had him a little bit higher, and Evan (Daniels) had him a little big lower. We had to come to a meeting of the minds about him. I like him as a guy that can make shots, but there are some questions about his foot speed and potentially his defense. So he didn't move much, but he moved down. Were any of the other three signees — Ioannis Papapetrou, Connor Lammert or DeMarcus Holland — discussed as possible top-100 guys?

Snow:Connor Lammert was a guy that merited minimal discussion. We like him, and I saw him in July, but he's probably just not a top-100 type guy. Ioannis Papapatrou's name wasn't really ever brought up. And Holland is a solid player, but neither of those guys were really ever involved in a serious discussion. I know that you guys don't really focus on this end of it, but how did Texas do in terms of filling its needs in this class?

Snow: Texas was strong there. What it does is that it says a lot about the coaching staff that they were able to go out and address needs and build a cohesive roster. Winning isn't about just adding the best players, it's about adding like parts. And what Texas did was they filled the holes on their roster. That's always the most important thing. That isn't reflected in the rankings, because we factor each individual player. We're ranking players, not the teams. But what Texas did leads to a lot of victories down the road.

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