Charting Texas's Explosive Passing Plays

Texas produced 33 "explosive" passing plays in 2011, passes that were 20-or-more yards. And 10 of those plays went for touchdowns. Below is a listing of every one, including the thrower and the receiver on each.

2011 Texas Explosive Passing Plays

Rice (four explosive passing plays)

Garrett Gilbert to Mike Davis, 56 yards

John Harris to Jaxon Shipley, 36T

Gilbert to Davis, 55

Gilbert (screen) to Fozzy Whittaker, 26T

BYU (three)

David Ash flat pass to D.J. Monroe, 26

Case McCoy to Shipley, 20

Shipley to Ash, 23

UCLA (three)

McCoy to D.J. Grant, 45T

McCoy to Davis, 25

McCoy to Davis, 45

Iowa State (four)

Ash to Davis, 48T

Ash to Shipley, 40T

McCoy to Shipley, 49

Ash to Shipley, 22

Oklahoma (two)

Ash to Shipley, 22

McCoy to Shipley, 23

Oklahoma State (one)

Ash to Davis, 20

Kansas (one)

Ash to Marquise Goodwin, 27

Texas Tech (three)

Ash to Davis, 24

Ash to Davis, 48

McCoy to Darius White, 31T

Missouri (three)

Ash to Goodwin, 45

Ash to Miles Onyegbule, 20

Ash to Jeremy Hills, 23

Kansas State (one)

McCoy to Blaine Irby, 36T

Texas A&M (three)

McCoy to Shipley, 27

Shipley to Irby, 41T

McCoy to Goodwin, 20

Baylor (three)

McCoy to Shipley, 78

McCoy to Goodwin, 80T

McCoy to Shipley, 20

California (two)

Ash to Irby, 30

Ash to Goodwin, 47T

Totals (Passing)

Ash — 14 (three TDs)

McCoy — 13 (four TDs)

Gilbert — three (one TD)

Shipley — two (one TD)

Harris — one (one TD)

Totals (Receiving)

Shipley — 10 (two TDs)

Davis — eight (one TD)

Goodwin — five (two TDs)

Irby — three (two TDs)

Grant — one (one TD)

White — one (one TD)

Whittaker — one (one TD)

Ash — one

Hills — one

Monroe — one

Onyegbule — one

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