Elite 11 Coach Talks Texas Camp, Swoopes

Elite 11 coach and analyst Yogi Roth discusses a talented Texas camp, and why Longhorn fans should be excited about Tyrone Swoopes.

LonghornDigest.com: The Texas Elite 11 camp was pumped up as one of the better crops of quarterbacks that you've seen, with a number of quality signal callers from throughout the country deciding to blend with a pretty strong in-state group. Did it live up to expectations?

Yogi Roth: It lived up to the expectation of us being able to set the bar incredibly high for those players. We had a bunch of great players from 17 different states, and with the number of four- and five-star prospects, our expectations were met of having a lot of talented guys there. But no, they didn't necessarily live up to what we expected of them based on their performances on the field. But even that is somewhat to be expected. You have to remember that these are 16- and 17-year-old student athletes and they're in Jerry World, and Tony Romo is there, and Trent Dilfer is there and I'm putting as much pressure as is humanly possible on them. But they didn't play as well as they possibly could have.

LD.com: Devante Kincade left with the camp MVP. If you look at his statistics, he's a good passer, but because of his athleticism, maybe he gets more kudos in that regard. Was he somebody that maybe exceeded your expectations?

Roth: I don't know that he exceeded expectations per se. He's somebody that was on our board to watch, and we knew of him and knew of his abilities, so that wasn't a shock. He also had a unique advantage in that he had played in that stadium before, in a big-time atmosphere, where he lit it up. But he came in with a chip on his shoulder. He wanted to play well, and ultimately, while other players played really well at times, from the first snap to the last snap, he was the best player. He earned it.

LD.com: Obviously, a guy that Texas fans follow is their commitment Tyrone Swoopes of Whitewright. What did you notice about him?

Roth: I noticed a really high ceiling. He's somebody who will be so much fun to work with every day. I'm looking forward to getting to coach him more in southern California (at the national Elite 11 camp). I don't know if he's the No. 1 quarterback in the class, but he was the most improved player there, and he totally has all of the tools to become that. He's somebody who came in with maybe the biggest spotlight of the players there, and he improved the most.

LD.com: You've talked with us before about the need to build your offense around your quarterback. Is Swoopes somebody that you can build an offense around?

Roth: Heck yeah, you could. You could build a pretty dominant team around him. He can make plays in a variety of ways, but even more than that, what we noticed was that he's extremely coachable. Coach Dilfer would tell him one thing, and he would make an alteration or a change on the very next rep. It was massive to be able to see this young man do all of those things. That's such an important element. As for whether Texas can build an entire offense around him, I hope they do. He has the ability to run whatever system they want him to.

LD.com: Which player improved their stock the most in your eyes?

Roth: I'd take Tyrone Swoopes again. We all knew he was a great athlete. But we also knew the other side, that he didn't play great competition. That he was compared to Vince Young, but that he really wasn't (Young) … he came in with a big bullseye on his back. Of course, we're into the coaching side of it: in Elite 11, your rankings don't mean anything. But he showed me that he could play the position, and play it really well, at the next level. He lived up to the extremely high standards that our staff sets, from Coach Dilfer on down. He's somebody that can change the way we talk about quarterbacks. Because he can do so many things. He has a really high ceiling. So I'm excited to see him for a week in southern California, and I really can't wait to see what he does on the Texas campus.

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