Five Questions With Evan Daniels

With EYBL in full swing, had a chance to sit down with Evan Daniels, National Basketball Recruiting Analyst, to talk about a loaded in-state class and the Longhorns' top targets. It seems like a pretty special year for in-state talent with four Texas players in the top-10 of the recently released Top 100 for 2013. Who has stood out so far in the process?

Evan Daniels: The state of Texas has some pretty ridiculous guys at the top this year. It all starts with the Harrison twins (Andrew Harrison and Aaron Harrison), and Julius Randle, and you look at Keith Frazier and Jordan Mickey, Matt Jones, Derrick Griffin, you could keep going on and on. Randle and the Harrison twins are elite talents, and guys that help make the top of this class what it is. It's really a special group at the top. Is there any specific reason for the upshot in in-state talent?

Daniels: Not really. There isn't really any one thing that has contributed to it. How are the Longhorns doing in this recruiting cycle?

Daniels: I think it's clear that they're targeting not only the elite prospects in the state, but also in the class, and they're going to give it all they can. Guys like Julius Randle and Keith Frazier are players that, if Texas could get them, could help right from the jump in terms of making an immediate impact. What makes Julius Randle such a special player?

Daniels: With Julius Randle, the first thing is that he's just such a physical specimen. He's so good around the basket. When he gets it there, he's' going to score because he's so powerful. But the thing I've been really impressed with is his ability to get to the free throw line. He's getting to the line almost nine times a game in EYBL play. So that's a great sign. He's a very good player. How about Keith Frazier?

Daniels: What sticks out about Keith Frazier is just his ability to score, and he can do it at all three levels. He has a legitimate jumper out to 22 to 24 feet, and he can drive, or hit jumpers and get buckets off the bounce. When you add that to his size (6-5) and his athleticism, Frazier is a big-time player.

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