Five Questions With Greg Powers National Recruiting Analyst Greg Powers discusses the 2013 Texas class, the gets and misses, and who he would offer if he were Mack Brown for a day. The class isn't finished, but what have been your impressions of the Texas class so far?

Greg Powers: Obviously, Texas is off to a very fast start — like what we usually see — with 14 commitments. They have a really high average star ranking, and really, this start is as good as we've seen in the past. The interesting thing is that they've done things a little differently. They kind of took their time, sat back and picked the guys they wanted to offer. And they've had a very high success rate so far. There are only a few guys out there in-state with offers left, and with Texas looking to be between 17 and 19 commitments, there are only a few commitments left. Of course, there could be more room in this class if there are more players who transfer or get hurt, but even with a few more spots, they could close pretty strongly. Then you could find them in the national top-10, despite their low numbers, which is tough to do. Who do you feel was the biggest get?

Powers: I think the biggest get so far is Ricky Seals-Jones, but at the same time, Tyrone Swoopes was the guy they really needed and had to have. He brings something totally different, that they don't have or possess on the roster. I don't know how long it will take him to totally get in the mix, but at the same time, if Texas is struggling, he's somebody that can get in there, pick up yards on the ground and make something happen. He has some work to do to be a major part of the passing attack, but he has a great arm, and he's just going to get better each and every year. Is there a player that you feel Texas missed on early?

Powers: They seemed to identify Kyle Hicks early on as a guy they wanted, but that Keith Ford guy is awfully good. He really fits the mold of guys that they've had a lot of success with, and seems a lot like the guys they've liked in the past. They got a really good player in Hicks, but Ford is the top-rated running back in our rankings, and maybe he wasn't really a guy they were that interested in, or vice versa. This is a strong class at the top for linemen, on either side of the ball. How do you think Texas did in terms of landing key guys at those positions?

Powers: I think they did a pretty good job. You have Jake Raulerson who's a strong two-way guy, and Darius James, who is probably one of the top-rated centers to come out in a long time nationally. They also got another two-way guy in A'Shawn Robinson, who is a very powerful and aggressive defensive lineman. As an offensive guy, he's a smash-mouth, road-grading offensive guard. It's hard to pick which spot I like him at the best. He's highly rated at defensive tackle, and I think he would look pretty nice as the No. 1 offensive guard in the region. And finally, there's Kent Perkins, who is a well-rounded and rock-solid offensive tackle. He can do a little bit of everything, and everything well. The only guy maybe they missed was Ishmael Wilson. I don't believe Texas offered him, but if he hadn't committed to Texas A&M so quickly, maybe they would have. If you were Mack Brown for a day and were able to offer one in-state player who hadn't been offered yet, who would it be?

Powers: My pick would probably be Mike Mitchell of Prestonwood Christian. He's a different kind of middle linebacker, a guy who can cover a whole lot of field and cover the pass. He's still growing and developing, and I really like the kid. He has strong lineage; his dad played in the NFL and his little brother is one of the top basketball recruits in the country. He's a kid who has really grown on me. He also has a relentless motor and is well-conditioned. I think he could go three rounds in an Ultimate Fighting Championship bout right now. If I were Texas, and I could offer one more guy, he's probably the guy I would pick.

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