All-Texas Team 2013, Part Two

When building a team made up of the top prospects in the state for 2013, versatility is key. Part two includes a defense made from the Lone Star State's standout players.

Defensive Ends: Jake Raulerson, Celina; Torrodney Prevot, Alief Taylor

This gives me a little bit of everything. Raulerson is your ideal strong-side end with the frame to fill out to 280-plus pounds and outstanding pop in his hands. He might not provide quite as much pass rush as some other guys, but he's certainly good enough there. Prevot is an end/linebacker hybrid and an outstanding pass-rusher. His skill set and his 4.56 40-yard dash allows you to shift him and move him around, keeping offenses guessing. If, for whatever reason I wanted to go with a 3-4, I could grab Christian Lacouture of A&M Consolidated to pair with Raulerson. But those two players give me a lot of versatility, strength against the run in Raulerson and an elite pass-rusher in Prevot.

Defensive Tackles: Justin Manning, Dallas Kimball; Isaiah Golden, Carthage

Both of these guys are outstanding penetrators, and both are good enough athletes to shift over and play some end if we stand Prevot up and decide to go to a 3-4 for a play or two. Golden actually plays end on quite a bit of his high school tape, and is an outstanding athlete for his size. But he also has the strength to hold up as a nose tackle if needed, a must if you're pairing him with Manning. Manning is a straight one-gap penetrator who shoots into the backfield and makes plays. He's the rare disruptive tackle, and can even provide pass rush from the middle of the field. He's a great piece to have. If I needed to grab a true nose tackle, a guy like Waco's Ben Hughes could be a selection. Kerrick Huggins and Vincent Taylor are both more likely to play a three technique at the next level.

Outside Linebacker: Deoundrei Davis, Cypress Woods; Deon Hollins, Fort Bend Marshall

Davis is a flash at outside linebacker, a speed type who can cover like a defensive back and make plays against the run. He's outstanding sideline-to-sideline and is a versatile athlete. Hollins gives another pass-rusher, somebody who can play in space, or move up and play an end spot. Put him on the opposite side of Prevot on passing downs, or bring him on a blitz from the same side and make the offense choose who to block. The one thing missing is the bulked-up safety type that is becoming popular, so somebody like a Raaquan Davis or a Paul Whitmill would fit in well there, if needed.

Middle Linebacker: Mike Mitchell, Prestonwood Christian; Reggie Chevis, Sharpstown

Mitchell is the rare middle linebacker who is outstanding against the pass. At 6-4 and 220 pounds, he has a great frame, and could end up being a Keenan Robinson type, a player who plays at 240 pounds and is capable of running all over the field and covering tight ends and backs. Chevis is more of a prototypical middle linebacker, a squat 245-pounder who crushes ball-carriers. He'll be in when we go to a 3-4. Plus, with him being more of a situational guy, he can handle his other responsibility: fullback, which he also plays in high school, in short-yardage situations.

Cornerback: Maurice Smith, Fort Bend Dulles; Antwuan Davis, Bastrop

It was tough to choose whether to put Smith here, or at safety, because he's arguably the state's best player at both positions. But ultimately, I chose to put him here because while Jacorey Warrick and Devin Lauderdale could probably develop into great cornerbacks, it's still somewhat in the air. Smith combining with the speedy Davis gives me two cornerbacks with elite size and great cover skills. And neither's afraid to come up and stick a player on a running play.

Safety: Erik Huhn, Cibolo Steele; Chevoski Collins, Livingston

First, remember that I'm building a team, so while these two might not be the best safeties in the state (though Huhn has an argument), they're a group that fits well together. Honestly, the best safety in the state might be playing wide receiver in Ricky Seals-Jones. Collins is arguably the best free safety not named Maurice Smith in this class, a speedy, swivel-hipped player with great ball skills. And Huhn is an ideal free safety to pair with him, a player with great instincts who could be outstanding in run support. His ability to diagnose plays puts him ahead of Kameron Miles at this point, who is probably a bit superior athletically.

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