Looking at the Big 12's Top Offenses

Using an advanced statistical metric to take a look inside the Big 12's offenses on a play-by-play basis.

There are lies, damn lies and statistics. But you know that here at LonghornDigest.com, we try to sort through the statistics to give you a more accurate look at what you're seeing. And we've also previously endorsed the job that www.footballoutsiders.com does with its S&P+ ratings, a weighted play-by-play success rate that factors in competition, among other factors. I've included TCU and West Virginia below, despite the fact that neither played in the Big 12 last year, so it's not quite apples to apples.


1) Oklahoma State — No. 2 Overall (No. 1 Rushing, No. 13 Passing)

2) Baylor — No. 3 Overall (No. 7, No. 4)

3) TCU — No. 13 Overall (No. 16, No. 18)

4) West Virginia — No. 14 Overall (No. 13, No. 17)

5) Oklahoma — No. 16 Overall (No. 14, No. 29)

6) Texas Tech — No. 33 Overall (No. 43, No. 33)

7) Kansas State — No. 63 Overall (No. 39, No. 81)

8) Texas — No. 74 Overall (No. 50, No. 97)

9) Kansas — No. 93 Overall (No. 75, No. 75)

10) Iowa State — No. 99 Overall (No. 68, No. 104)

Quick Thoughts

* For all the talk about the Big 12 being a spread passing league, only two 2012 Big 12 teams — Baylor and Texas Tech — were better throwing the ball than they were running it. Kansas had the same rank in both areas.

* The thought that the Big 12 is an offensive league in general, however, was right on. Half of the 2012 Big 12 (five teams) ranked in the nation's top-16 in overall offensive S&P+, making up almost one-third of the top 16.

* My favorite of those might be Oklahoma. The Sooners had Landry Jones, Ryan Broyles (for most of the year), Kenny Stills, Jaz Reynolds and a walk-on at running back before he blew out his knee … and were still 15 spots better in rushing S&P+ than in passing S&P+, ranking 14th nationally in rushing S&P+.

* The other interesting one is Oklahoma State, complete with Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon. The Cowboys were 13th nationally in passing S&P+, and first nationally in rushing.

* Texas had the most one-dimensional offense, with 47 spots separating its rushing attack (50th) from its passing attack (97th). Kansas State was second at 42 spots, with the No. 39 rushing S&P+, and the No. 81 passing S&P+.

* I'm a bit surprised that Texas Tech wasn't more one-dimensional as well. The Red Raiders were 43rd rushing the ball and 33rd passing the ball. I thought they'd be higher in passing, and probably lower in rushing. Just goes to show that when you do things counter to your nature (i.e., a passing team running the ball), your offense can really open up.

* Kansas ranking No. 75 in both rushing and passing S&P+ put it in different spots in the league. The No. 75 rushing S&P+ was last in the league. The No. 75 passing S&P+ was seventh in the Big 12.

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