Coach Speak: Kyle Marrs

It didn't take long for San Antonio Brandeis head coach John Campbell to see that he had something special with offensive tackle and Oklahoma signee Kyle Marrs.

"We knew with Kyle pretty early, probably when he was a freshman, that if he developed at the rate we thought he would develop, he was going to have a chance to be a Big 12 or above quality player," Campbell said.

And why wouldn't they? Marrs had size for a legitimate BCS offensive lineman as a sophomore in high school.

"He started for us as a sophomore," Campbell said. "I would say our round two game in the playoffs was where we really saw some flashes of physical dominance, and we were seeing it from a 15-year old. It was at that juncture that we knew he was going to be pretty solid as a Division 1 recruit.

He was fast approaching 6-6," Campbell said. "He was pretty much the frame that he is now, then. Obviously he wasn't as strong or as quick or as athletic. But frame-wise, he was a 6-5, 300-pounder at that juncture."

Campbell said having Marrs on one side of the offensive line made game-planning easier.

"Anytime you've got somebody that's that physically dominant, it's a tremendous advantage," said Campbell, who had no qualms about running right up the back of his talented tackle. "And you try to utilize that advantage the best that you can."

It didn't hurt, Campbell said, that Marrs was "a great kid."

"He's very enjoyable off the field," Campbell said. "Got a great sense of humor, he's intelligent, and he comes from a good solid family. Everything you want as a high school coach. He was a pleasure to be around and easy to coach."

As for Marrs's fit at Oklahoma, Campbell said that remained to be seen. But he said he felt like Marrs had the tools to succeed.

"Obviously Oklahoma is an outstanding program, and it's going to be very, very competitive," Campbell said. "I think I'd like to say that he's been well-prepared through our program to take the next step, but at the same time, there's always going to be a learning curve and some growing pains.

"Once you get up there, it's a whole different level of competition," Campbell said. "But I think he's on pretty solid ground heading up there."

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