Coach Speak: Erik Huhn

Cibolo Steele coach Michael Jinks sizes up new Texas commitment Erik Huhn.

"He really has come on, but this is a guy who played in what, 16 or 32 games, and hopefully 16 more. He started in every one. He made a difference in every one," Jinks said.

The record would back that up: Steele has lost just twice in Huhn's two years on varsity, playing in the state title game both years, and winning the championship in 2010.

During that time, he's grown two inches and 25 pounds, Jinks said, while developing into arguably the state's top safety. Jinks said he realized that he had a Texas-caliber player during last year's playoff run.

"If you go back and watch the Port Arthur Memorial game, or really any game during that run, you could see that he's special," Jinks said. "The way he was covering ground, for a player of his size, was amazing."

And when he arrived at the ball?

"He has that nasty thing going on," Jinks said. "He plays the game with bad intentions. He's a guy you want on your football team."

Huhn also isn't somebody that coaches have to worry about off the field, Jinks said. The son of two lawyers, Huhn is an excellent student, and somebody who looked at schools like Rice and Stanford through the process. In the end, he wound up with offers from "pretty much everybody in the country," according to Jinks.

"As a staff, we couldn't be happier for Erik," Jinks said. "Texas is getting a great one."

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