Jones Looks the Part

With a young quarterback, the main thing you want to see is growth.

And the growth of top 2014 quarterback Jeremy Jones of San Antonio East Central was on display at a recent 7-on-7, just before the quarterback headed up the road to camp at Texas. He made just about every kind of throw, and certainly looked the part: 6-foot-5, finding open receivers and throwing darts.

But for Jones, who later ran in the 4.6-second range in the 40-yard dash at Texas's camp, a time he repeated at Oklahoma State, development has been more about what's going on between the ears than it has been about getting bigger and faster.

"I think we're a lot farther than we were last year," Jones said. "Me as an individual, last year I wasn't confident at all during the spring. It was my freshman year. This year, the spring went really well, and the goal is a state championship."

The Hornets certainly have the athletic pieces to make a run, and coach Robert Walker is working to make sure the intangibles are in place as well. As a team, East Central is set to attend a leadership class in July, and the squad is looking to improve at the little things designed to take a good team to a great one.

That also applies to Jones, who has worked to improve his field vision.

I think now I can stand in the pocket and throw longer," Jones said. "Last year, I looked once, maybe twice, and if I didn't see anything, I was tucking it and running."

Not that running is a bad option. Jones is a stellar athlete who has a nice highlight reel of dunks on the basketball court. That athleticism, paired with his potential as a pocket passer, has the junior-to-be receiving mail from top schools across the region. Purdue was the first school to send him something, and schools like Texas, Oklahoma, TCU and Baylor have followed suit.

"I can throw it, and I can run with it," Jones said. "I can do whatever they need me to do."

With it being so early in the recruiting process, Jones said he's keeping an open mind not just toward the schools recruiting him, but also in terms of what qualities he'll look for when he gets down to decision time. Still, Jones concedes "I've always been a Texas fan."

East Central is in an interesting situation at quarterback in that Jeremy rotates at the position with his older brother Christian Jones. They're similar, but different. Like Jeremy, Christian is a run-pass threat. And he's an excellent leader, a trait Jeremy said he was trying to duplicate.

"I can really learn from him," Jeremy said. "He's a really good leader. He never slacks off, and he pushes me. He makes us all better."

Christian also doesn't allow Jeremy to have a big head, or to settle for second-best. When a list of the top state of Texas recruits for 2014 came out, Jeremy was given a place of high honor, listed as a top-60 prospect and one of the top-five quarterbacks in the state. But Christian didn't want Jeremy to settle for that ranking.

"He was asking me if I was going to be the best," Jeremy said.

And what was his reply?

"That's what I'm working for."

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