True Freshman Report: Robert Killebrew

IT recently caught up with Texas true freshman linebacker <B>Robert Killebrew</B> to see how everything has been on the home front.

"I planned on taking some classes at UT this summer and working out with my new teammates, but my grandfather's not doing real well," Killebrew said. "He's been sick, so I've been spending my time with the family. Worse comes to worse, your family will always be there for you. And so that's what I've been doing lately."

Rest assured, the Longhorn Nation is offering their well wishes and prayers for Killebrew's grandfather as they read this...

Despite what has to be a tough situation for Killebrew, he has found some comfort through the strong faith he has in the Lord. And the 6-1, 210-pounder -- who is all heart -- is keeping busy. He's pumping a lot of iron and improving his conditioning, stamina, and endurance.

Asked what specifically he's been doing to prepare himself for the upcoming season, Killebrew said: "Just been doing what I've always been doing...nothing's changed."

The Klein prep is resourceful (and a bit unconventional) when it comes to applying various methods to his workout routine. With a backpack strapped to his back, he's simply adding more and heavier rocks to increase the resistance when he runs. And the rocks are almost metaphorical in the sense that they represent the blue collar mentality Killebrew embodies (or continues to define).

Agility drills?

"Always," Killebrew said. "Mostly, just drills for improving my quickness...a lot of 5-10s (shuttles)...things to improve my lateral movement."

But is he staying motivated?

"Is the sky blue?" Killebrew -- with his no-nonsense style -- asked rhetorically.

He said he's currently weighing a solid 210 pounds, now benching 375 (2 times), up to 475 on his squat max and cleaning 315.

So is he ready to earn a spot?

"I'm ready to do whatever they need or want me to do," Killebrew said. "If they need me to play, I'm definitely ready to play. If they would have given me a chance to play last year, I would have played then."

Finding some minutes as a backup linebacker, edge rusher or special teams contributor is something he'd have no problem with whatsoever in his freshman year. He's all about "team" and always has been.

"Whatever the coaches want from me, I'll give them, " Killebrew said matter-of-factly. "I'm game for special teams or whatever they need. The first year is about earning your stripes and is no place for any jive talkin'. That's what my father said. He said the first year is also about proving yourself. I'm just ready to report in August and do the best I can."

Make no mistake, Killebrew's best is what the Texas coaches will not only want, but will definitely get. Eventually, I can see the young man taking on a leadership role whether on special teams, the defense or both. The kid who clocked a 4.5 forty and a 39-inch vertical is expected to bring plenty of confidence and swagger to the practice fields as he looks to carve out a place for himself on future Texas football teams. Becoming a great presence in the locker room seemingly is a given, as well. And the beginning of his UT career is only a month away. Longhorn fans should be ecstatic as they'll get to see Killebrew for 4-5 years as opposed to watching his career unfold as a Florida Gator or Oklahoma Sooner.

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