Brown: Texas Not Against Two-Sport Players

When Ricky Seals-Jones elected to decommit from Texas, citing his desire to play both football and basketball in college, Longhorn fans were up-in-arms about who to blame.

Was it the Texas basketball staff's fault, for not wanting to take on an extra, non-scholarship player? Or was it the Texas football staff's fault, for not wanting him to play basketball in the first place? According to the coaches of both sports on the 40 Acres, it isn't either scenario.

Earlier this week, Texas basketball coach Rick Barnes said that the basketball staff always worked with the football staff on things like that. And Wednesday, Texas football coach Mack Brown sounded off on the issue, stating that he hasn't had problems with players playing both sports.

"We had five guys play both at North Carolina," Brown said. "Three of them started, I signed one of them. Ronald Curry, he's now playing for the Oakland Raiders. Greg [Ellis] played for the Dallas Cowboys, defensive end. Greg started at times for them [basketball.] And then the great player, Julius Peppers, for Carolina - again we redshirted him.

"All of those guys came in knowing they were going to play both," Brown said. "We had two or three other guys but they never played [basketball.] Those guys were factors. They were in the rotation and they played."

That discussion has also occurred at Texas, Brown said.

"Rick and I have talked about it," Brown said. "Jackson Jeffcoat talked to Rick, and he just hasn't decided to play. But it would not be a problem at all. What you get is you're going to a bowl game and you're going to be good, and they won't get there until after the bowl game."

Brown said he and Barnes had "a great relationship."

"In fact, one of the many great things that [athletics director] DeLoss [Dodds] has done is every coach gets together in this department," Brown said. "That's very unusual across the country from what I hear. They all get along. Part of it is that we have enough money that everybody gets what they need so nobody is fighting over money right now.

"If I called Coach [Dean] Smith at North Carolina, ask [him] to recruit a kid, he would," Brown said. "[Former NC basketball coach] Bill Guthridge would probably do a lot of it, but Coach Smith will help. If I ask Rick, he'll do the same.

"I think Rick would do anything I asked him to do, I really do," Brown concluded. "I would do that for Rick. I think we're that close. I think he would do anything that we ask him to help with."

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