Setting the Pace

Fast or slow. Some teams push the tempo offensively, while others slow it down. Which is Texas?

That's why taking a look at the adjusted tempo numbers — courtesy of Ken Pomeroy — are so interesting. A lot of programs occupy one area of the rankings. North Carolina with Roy Williams is going to rank high in the number of possessions per game. Wisconsin under Bo Ryan is going to be near the bottom part.

But as you can see below, Texas under Rick Barnes has largely been a mixed bag. Three times, the Longhorns have ranked in the upper third in adjusted tempo, once even hitting the top-15. And three times the Longhorns have ranked 200th or below. So with Barnes, it really depends on the team, and one would then assume, the personnel that Barnes has to work with.

Here are Texas's adjusted tempo numbers over the last decade:

SEASON Possessions Per Game National Rank
2002-2003 71.2 79
2003-2004 66.6 201
2004-2005 67.6 143
2005-2006 65.1 246
2006-2007 68.5 97
2007-2008 64.8 251
2008-2009 66.1 182
2009-2010 72.6 12
2010-2011 66.9 155
2011-2012 66.1 171

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