Football Headed Toward Playoffs

The details aren't out, but a playoff may just be in.

Per the Associated Press, the BCS commissioners reached a consensus on a four-team, seeded playoff that will be given to university presidents next week for a decision. Should the presidents approve the plan, the playoff would decide college football's national champion for the 2014 season.

Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott told the AP that the two semifinals meshed with the existing bowls, with the national championship game going up for bid in a process similar to that used for selecting Super Bowl sites.

But the devil is in the details, and it could be here as well. Still yet to be decided are how those four teams will be selected or which bowls would host the semifinals. Obviously, the former is the major concern. Some have championed the need to select conference champions first, while others simply want to take the top four teams. And the presidents — some of whom have professed more love for a plus-one decided AFTER the bowls — still have other options in front of them.

Still, it's hard to see how the united front of the BCS commissioners wouldn't carry weight. And with all that weight leaning toward a four-team, seeded playoff, college football may only be two seasons away from giving the fans what they've largely been asking for. A chance to decide the national championship, with the top four teams included, on the field.

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