Team USA U-19 Practice Roundup, Day Three

A roundup of Monday's Team USA U-19 practice, which included a scrimmage.

* There are still several practices to go, but it almost seems safe at this point to call Notre Dame commitment Hunter Bivin the best player in attendance. In today's scrimmage, Bivin worked at right tackle, and that looks like a great spot for him at the college level as well, when he can use his overpowering punch to be a factor in the running game,

* Bivin is one part of a starting offensive line group that is starting to come together. Missouri commitment Alec Abeln has taken well to center and does a great job of getting the angle and sealing off defenders. He'll be fun to watch once he fills the rest of his frame out. He's an excellent athlete for his size. And LSU commitment Ethan Pocic appears to be the likely starter at left tackle opposite Bivin. At 6-7 285, Pocic certainly looks the part and has been one of the best overall players in attendance as well.

* Florida commitment Rodney Adams has emerged as the top target in the receiving corps. Adams isn't necessarily an A+ in any one category, but he seems to be a B+ to A- in everything, from his size (6-1) to his speed, his route-running and his hands. He's been a brutal cover all week. He just does everything well.

* A day after he had a few drops, Malique Belfort stood out at the scrimmage, finding free room in the secondary and making a nice catch over the middle. He's a tough matchup because of his 6-4 size and his effort on every ball that's made in his general area. He's the best "bad-ball" receiver on the team. Notre Dame commitment Rashad Kinlaw made a great diving catch working back to the sideline. And Desmond Wyatt did a nice job of getting open from the slot.

* Maybe the most athletically freaky play of the day came when Florida State commitment Jesus Wilson took a reverse, hip-faked a defender and burst past the defense to get the corner. It was a staggering play, and Wilson appeared gone until he was caught 20 yards downfield by Missouri commitment Chase Abbington, a linebacker. Abbington had an angle, but it was still an incredibly impressive display of speed to get over there and save a touchdown.

* Both quarterbacks excelled during the scrimmage. Memphis commitment Brayden Scott had probably his best day, and both he and Missouri commitment Trent Hosick showed off their wheels. Hosick was a bit hamstrung by the "touch" rule on quarterbacks, as he was one-handed on a scramble that certainly wouldn't have brought him down, on a play where the powerful quarterback would have had a ton of running room up the middle. And you can tell that their timing with the receivers is much better. Both made some really nice throws today.

* I liked what I saw from Akron signee Connor Hundley. He doesn't wow you physically, but none of the backs has ripped off as many nice runs this week. The 5-9 Hundley just kind of waits in the weeds, then has the vision to find the hole and the feet to get through it.

* Defensively, Virginia Tech commitment Dakota Jackson had a nice day at defensive end. It's a position that is really thin, with Daeshon Hall opting out late in the process and Kight Dallas — who is naturally a linebacker — out with an ankle. Dallas is expected back this week. But in his absence, Jackson and Dajuan Drennon have really stepped up. Jackson was credited with a sack during the scrimmage Monday.

* Kentucky commitment Jacob Hyde is a big guy at 6-2 and nearly 340 pounds. And he did a great job at holding things up in the middle. The defense flashes signs of being really tough to run on, and Hyde's play is a big reason why.

* Out of the linebackers, Eric Beisel might have had the best overall day. He found the ball often and ran well for his size. Several linebackers flashed today, but Beisel was probably the most consistent on a play-by-play basis. He has a nose for the ball, but also has the frame at 6-4 235 that he could wind up on the defensive line at the next level.

* I've been impressed all week with the competitiveness of uncommitted cornerback Dashon Hunt. And today he showed that also applied to running plays. Hunt certainly wasn't afraid to toss his nose into the fray against the run, and he came up with a few stops on running plays that might have broken if he hadn't played it so aggressively.

* And Washington commitment Cameron Van Winkle had another strong day booting the ball. Van Winkle is solid on field goals and has been getting requisite height on punts. Special teams are one of the hardest things to prepare in a week's worth of practice, but Van Winkle has been steady. He even saved what might have been a turnover in a bad spot when he scooped a low snap and got the punt off quickly.

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