Opinions on Brown Differ

Every draft, there are prospects who light up every scout's eyes when they take a look at the player.

And then there are those other prospects*, whom scouts just aren't unanimous about.

* Really, that can pretty much apply to just about everybody, with the exception of maybe the projected top pick in the draft this year, Anthony Davis. After that, it's basically a crap-shoot.

Of course, even within that category, there's a subcategory titled "Those that everybody disagrees on." And that might as well be the category that Texas guard J'Covan Brown falls into as he heads into tonight's NBA Draft.

Here's what we know. A year after producing three first-round prospects, it's extremely unlikely that any Longhorn will fall into that category. And while scouts seem torn on Brown, they all seem to have a general consensus on his strengths and weaknesses. He was one of the worst athletes at the NBA Pre-Draft Combine. And he has a supernatural gift for operating with the ball in his hands and putting the ball in the basket.

From there, you get into differences. Some blast Brown for his tendency to take wild shots or try to do too much. Others laud him for his efforts to carry a freshman-laden team. Some feel that he can create well for others. The other half think that he's just a shooting guard in a point guard's body, without the requisite athleticism to play the point guard spot (especially defensively).

And so Brown enters this draft with scouts calling him everything from Sherron Collins, the overweight former Kansas guard who is now out of the NBA, to Sam Cassell, as a scout did in Mark Rosner's Austin American-Statesman article.

But the primary question seems to be this: can Brown's offense — he's regarded as an excellent shooter, and an even better pick-and-roll player — outweigh his sure-to-be defensive liabilities? If the answer is yes, expect to hear Brown's name called on Thursday. If not, he'll find his way into an NBA camp somewhere, with a chance to prove people wrong.

But whether he'll be drafted or not … that depends on who you ask.

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