Coach Speak: Alec Abeln

Alec Abeln has had a strong first week as a part of the USA U-19 team. Here, his USA coaches: his head coach, the offensive coordinator and the offensive line coach, size up his play.

First, here's Team USA U-19 head coach Steve Specht:

"Consistency. He's just very consistent. He's going to be a great college player when he puts weight on and gets into the weight room. He's smart, he understands defenses, he understands schematics and most importantly, he gets the snap back. He's going to be a great college football player."

Now, here's offensive coordinator Chris Meritt:

"He's very solid. The center has to be your anchor on that line. He has to be the smartest guy on the line. He's got to direct traffic. He's picked it up very well."

And last, but not least, offensive line coach L.D. Williams:

"Our center is super solid. Alex is not the tallest, he's one of the shortest ones we have, but he still goes 6-2 or 6-3. But he does a great job of just understanding the whole offense.

"He fits the mold. He's not the loud guy. He's the quiet guy. He gets everybody lined up. He's always prepared and knows what everybody does. And he could probably play any position we want him to play.

"He's the heart and soul of and the glue that puts everybody together."

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