Wyatt Looking to Enjoy USA Experience

Local product Desmond Wyatt emerged as one of the top receivers in the state as a senior at Round Rock Westwood, and with the Team USA U-19 team, he'll have the opportunity to prove himself against both the country's and the world's best.

"I felt like I should give it a shot, because they wanted me to do this," Wyatt said. "I had the honor of being offered the position, so I might as well take such a tremendous honor and see where it takes me."

The invite came on the heels of his strong senior season, one that saw him top the 1,000-yard mark in helping Westwood to the playoffs.

As a team, we fell short a little bit," Wyatt said. "We wanted to go to the state championship and win that. But I think I had a good season, better than I ever hoped to have. I think as a team we fell short, but they're going to do great things in the future."

But Wyatt emerged later in the process, meaning that many schools didn't have a chance to check him out, or had already filled out their classes. And largely because of that, he only received a couple FBS offers, and he's still waiting to pick a college.

"I'm going to just continue to work out and keep working hard," Wyatt said. "If it doesn't work out, I always have my grades to fall back on. But I'm pretty sure football will be in my future."

While the Team USA U-19 experience could turn out to be a boon to Wyatt's recruiting, he said he isn't focused on that aspect. Instead, he said he set a different goal.

"I just want to have fun," Wyatt said. "I want to meet new people, and have a great experience."

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