Coach Speak: Trent Hosick

When trying to describe the presence of Missouri commitment Trent Hosick, Team USA U-19 coach Steve Specht went to an unusual source.

"I think when you're picking a quarterback, you're looking for all the intangibles that Trent has," Specht said. "He's always positive, he's always upbeat, the 'it' factor.

"The coaches were talking about it the other night, and one of the coaches said it's kind of like pornography: the government says I can't define it, but when I see it, I can tell you that's it," Specht said. "It's the same thing with the it factor. With Trent, he's got it. He has all the intangibles. You can't define it, but when you see Trent, that's it."

Something that is easier to define is Hosick's ability to run the ball. And while Team USA offensive coordinator Chris Merritt said that Hosick's running ability jumps off the tape, the coaches encouraged him to spend more time this week looking for wide receivers. The results, Merritt said, were hugely positive.

"You would never know that he didn't throw the football," Merritt said. "His football IQ is extremely high. The system that we're able to run here with him … running the helm, he's a leader, he has that i' factor. Missouri hit a home run with the kid."

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