Douglas Equal Opportunity Hitter

When Sammy Douglas was invited to join the USA U-19 team in an eight-team tournament filled with teams across the world, he said he didn't hesitate to accept.

"Honestly, I thought it would be a great experience, to play football with other players around the world," Douglas said. "I have high expectations for myself and want to see how I match up. I thought it would be a good experience."

And an experience that Douglas said would allow him to improve. Douglas said he wanted to work on his footwork and reading plays better, though the former was a trait that TCU really liked about him. Douglas, who most recently weighed 190 pounds (he says he's bigger now) and ran 4.6 seconds in the 40-yard dash (says he's faster, too), described himself in one word as "fast."

"When I go against big linemen, I just use my speed to go around them," Douglas said. "[The TCU coaches] were telling me that they like my speed and how I move around. They like how I get around linemen. Because if I get caught by a big lineman, that's it. I can't let them get ahold of me."

And for the most part this week, they haven't. Douglas has used his speed and intelligence to prove that he's hard to block. And while Douglas said speed was the primary thing TCU liked about him, he struggled to find one single thing that he liked most about the Horned Frogs.

"I just love everything about TCU," Douglas said. "Their footwear, their clothes, their school, their fans, everything about them. I went to two or three of the games, and I just loved it. It was amazing."

But his time in Fort Worth is still a while off. For now, he said he'll take solace in the fact that he has a great opportunity to strap on pads in the summer.

"It's a fun chance to get out and hit people from around the world," Douglas said.

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