Hosick Talks Missouri Momentum

Missouri quarterback commitment Trent Hosick talks about the Tigers' momentum, the "special things going on" at Mizzou, and the steps he's taking to improve as a quarterback.

When Trent Hosick decided to pick the home-state Missouri Tigers, it didn't take long for him to swap the role of recruited for that of the recruiter.

"There's a lot of excitement around Mizzou," Hosick said. "There are a lot of special things going on there. When I committed, I committed early so I could go out and recruit strictly for that purpose. I committed with Nick Ramirez, he's a linebacker from Lee Summit West, and we went to the coaches and asked who were the guys we were wanting.

"So we went to those guys," Hosick said. "Nick and I actually looked at the guys Missouri already had offered and we started researching them to decide who were the guys we wanted to have as teammates. Then we called them up and said, 'there's going to be something special at Missouri. We think we can go win a home-grown national championship. It's going to be special, and if you want to be a part of it, we'd love to have you along.'

"People have really responded well," Hosick said. "And a lot of people are saying, 'yeah, we can really see that there are some nice things going on at Missouri.' So we're excited about the recruiting we've had so far."

As well he should be. The Tigers already reside in the Scout.com Top 20 classes for 2013, despite only having 13 prospects committed. And Hosick said some of that had to be attributed to a 2012 recruit: the signing of the nation's top prospect in receiver Dorial Green-Beckham.

"What it did for us, it gave us a little bit of prestige," Hosick said. "With Dorial coming, everybody knew his name, and with Dorial choosing Missouri, that gave Missouri a little bit of class. Those guys from Florida, those guys from Texas, these big-time recruits, they can say, 'I don't have to go to USC. I don't have to go to all these big schools, because Missouri's big enough.' That's basically what it showed. It did create some excitement. And Missouri is definitely worthy of getting any of these guys."

That momentum was buoyed by a move to the SEC, though Hosick admitted that it didn't influence his choice.

"Truthfully, I probably would have ended up at Missouri even if we stayed in the Big 12," Hosick said. "But the move to the SEC has really rejuvenated the state. It has rejuvenated the school, and it has created a lot of excitement. We go down and if we're successful in the SEC, there's no doubt that you're one of the best teams in the country."

All of those have been factors in Missouri's recruiting haul, and one of the prospects that Hosick targeted, and helped land, was the top player out of Kansas in offensive tackle Clay Rhodes, swiping him from the Tigers' former Big 12 rivals.

"I called Clay, and I was really excited about getting to talk to Clay, because I had seen his film, I had seen some interviews, and he was the kind of guy you want as a teammate," Hosick said. "He's the kind of guy you want to go to war with. When I talked with him, he seemed very sincere. And I just told him, look man, we've got some neat stuff going on, and you're the kind of guy we want. Clay wound up coming with us.

"It's going to be a fun ride," Hosick said. "It's going to be fun getting to know Clay, and getting to play with him, and we're going to go win a national championship."

Hosick sees himself at the helm as part of that national championship run, and he's taking steps to improve himself as a passer. That improvement was visible in Austin, as Hosick threw darts all over the field and improved greatly as the week went on.

"Because of the offense that we run at Staley, I don't get to practice throwing very much," Hosick said. "Probably the biggest area I'm trying to improve in, is because I'm a dual-threat, I don't force myself to stay in the pocket and make a good throw from the pocket, because I can get out and run and get away with it. "So one of the things that I've really been working on is sitting back and throwing even when I have a lineman just a couple feet in front of me," Hosick said. "I've wanted to grow more comfortable with that, and I think I've made a lot of strides in that area. I'm just going to work to get better."

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