State 7-on-7 Day One Notes

While no Texas commits were active in Thursday's State 7-on-7 play, multiple Longhorn targets, or potential targets, were present.

Nathan Elliott, 2015 QB, Celina

With him being a 2015 prospect, his recruitment certainly has awhile to play out. But Elliott shows some of the signs of being a top quarterback prospect in the future. He was totally in control in the game I saw him, routinely moving the ball down the field with short completion after short completion. Elliott's best attribute is the way he uses his legs, so there's only so much you can tell about him based on a 7-on-7 session, but he did roll both left and right and make throws on the run. Selfishly, I would have liked to see him throw the ball down the field a little more, but he also didn't have to throw downfield, and you'd rather he take the sure thing. Good-looking prospect who is already 6-foot-2, and I could certainly see Texas showing some interest in a few years, depending on how he develops.

Foster Sawyer, 2014 QB, Fort Worth All Saints

Talk about looking the part. The 6-foot-5 Sawyer is one of those players that you can identify simply by walking by the All Saints field. Sawyer has a tendency at times to push the ball just a little bit, though it's not overly noticeable, and only happens when he tries to add extra mustard. But he has the arm strength to make the throws, and put a few gorgeous deep balls right on the target. Sawyer's accuracy was impressive … only a few throws got away from him. He has a chance to be a top quarterback in the 2014 class, and probably a top-50 or so player in the state, if not even higher.

Daniel Gresham, 2014 FB, Fort Worth All Saints

If the Longhorns decide that they want to grab a fullback next year, they could do a lot worse than the thick Gresham. Gresham played more of a traditional running back role for All Saints on Thursday, and so he didn't have a huge impact on the overall proceedings. But he looks good on the hoof, layered with thick muscle, and more importantly, he showed the versatility that can be such a positive trait for fullbacks in today's game, catching the ball cleanly and showing some smooth athleticism. He's definitely a fullback as opposed to a running back, and he reminds me a lot of the versatile threats that Oklahoma has had at the position like Trey Millard. Not surprisingly, he already has Oklahoma interest.

Demetrius Knox, 2014 OL, Fort Worth All Saints

Knox didn't take part in the 7-on-7, as most linemen don't (some occasionally will play tight end or something like that), but I had a chance to talk to him as he watched his team play. Knox said he really enjoyed coming to Texas camp, and said that offensive line coach Stacy Searels tossed him in with the 2013 linemen to try and test him. When Knox did well in those situations, Texas's interest in the top offensive tackle in the in-state crop only multiplied. On the hoof, Knox is pretty impressive, with the condor-like wingspan to play tackle, and the flexibility to do the splits.

Ty Slanina, 2013 ATH, East Bernard

Slanina is committed to TCU, but I wanted to include something here in that the one-time A&M commitment was probably the most impressive player I saw on Thursday. Over about a two-minute stretch, Slanina caught a huge pass by outrunning the coverage down the sideline, then threw a touchdown of his own. He also excelled on defense, and showed maybe the play of the day with a Playstation-type juke move to shake loose on a short pass and create a huge gain after accelerating through the defense before finally getting caught just short of a touchdown.

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