Adams Has to Compete

2014 Lewisville Hebron safety Jamal Adams discusses his goals and what he's looking for in a college.

"We came out today 2-1 and had a tough loss; we shouldn't have lost to them. We just played badly," Adams said. "It is what it is. We're going to take our L and come back better than ever."

That loss was marked by Adams taking a huge shot to the head that left the safety obviously woozy. But after leaving for a few plays, Adams made his way back out to the field, and toughed out another game afterward.

"I broke on the ball and I ran right into the dude's face," Adams said. "I'm good now. I took some Tylenol and iced it. So I'm good to go."

It would take a lot more than a hit to the head to keep Adams down. He's a man with goals, after all.

"The goal is a state championship," Adams said. "That's everybody's goal. Our goal is to be the No. 1 defense in our district, and go to the state title. Those are our goals."

Adams also cited his individual goals, stating "I want to set my status high." That includes 120 tackles (with at least 70 being solo stops) and 10 interceptions. He's capable of putting up those kinds of numbers, with the kind of talent that makes college coaches drool. He has six early offers, from schools like Notre Dame, Nebraska and TCU. And schools like Texas and Texas A&M — he camped at both places, along with TCU — might not be too far behind.

"I like them all," Adams said. "I'm not going to put anybody above right now. They're all in my top right now. I'm going to flow with it, and my senior year, I'll make a decision."

When Adams was at Texas, he was able to talk with both Mack Brown and Duane Akina. The latter coach praised his versatility and the fact that he could play either cornerback or safety at the next level, along with his hips and cover skills.

When Adams does decide, he will have a list of factors he's considering.

"Academics is the first [factor]," Adams said. "Whatever school makes me feel at home, and an overall great coaching staff. And I'm really trying to come in as a freshman and see if I can play."

But that's two years off. Adams said he had more immediate plans.

"I'm just tired, man," Adams said. "I'm worn out. I'm going to go back to the hotel, take a shower, eat, give out some Ls in NCAA '13.

"I gotta compete," Adams said. "Competition never stops."

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