Scott Talks Top Three

Early in play on Friday, a massive 6-foot-3 target reached up on a jump ball, pulled it in, and made an athletic play to (apparently) get his foot in-bounds. The referee called him out-of-bounds, but no matter: the play was enough to make everyone in attendance ooh and ahh.

So who was this wide receiver? He happened to be one of the top prospects in the 2014 class, but at linebacker, not wideout. Hoza Scott, a 6-3 225-pound defensive terror, spent a bit of time on offense at the Texas State 7-on-7 Championships, mostly to go in and try to make a play on jump balls like that one.

"I was in," Scott said, laughing after the game. "I would play wide receiver [full-time] if it helped the team. But I don't really play it. I just want to help the team win."

For the most part, Scott helps La Porte into the win column with his efforts defensively. The linebacker is in early contention for a five-star ranking in 2014, and he expects La Porte to make a run both this year and next year.

"We're trying to show that we're a really good football team, that we can compete with anybody, it doesn't matter who you are," Scott said. "That's the goal for all of us is to make it to state this year and next year. We have a chance to do it if we can keep our team working together."

Scott's individual goal is much more succinct: become the No. 1 player in the entire country. It's a mark that he said he'll only hit if he "works hard every day, and don't take off any time, at all."

Scott didn't take much time off this summer, going to see Texas, LSU and Texas A&M.

"When I went to UT, I really liked everything," Scott said. "The coaches were nice. Everything was nice. They made you feel like you were at home. A&M, same with them, good environment, everybody was friendly. And LSU, that's that big school, where all those big people are at. I love it."

Scott said there was hierarchy to those schools, with Texas A&M currently sitting No. 1, and Texas "really close" behind the Aggies. LSU is a clear-cut No. 3 at this point, he said. So why is A&M the favorite?

"It's just because I've been here more than any other school I've been to," Scott said. "I just know it better than any other school right now."

But Scott said he would make more of an effort to get to know other schools. He plans to visit A&M, Texas and LSU for games this season, along with Alabama, "If I can get out there."

Whichever school hosts him would be smart to sell up the academic side of its institution.

"They have to have a good graduation percentage," Scott said. "They have to be a good football team, of course. What I want to go to school for, marketing and management, what has the best school for that? That's what I'm looking for."

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