Brown Talks Penn State Situation

At Big 12 Media Days, Texas coach Mack Brown discussed whether the Longhorns would pursue any players on the Penn State roster.

When SMU was hit with the death penalty prior to the 1987 season, it essentially became open season for recruiting players off the Mustangs' roster. And while Penn State wasn't hit with the death penalty — some analysts have argued that the Nittany Lions' penalty was worse — the sanctions handed down Monday by the NCAA could have the same effect.

So is Texas ready to go on a recruiting raid through Happy Valley? Longhorn coach Mack Brown said he's a bit in wait-and-see mode.

"I don't really have an opinion yet because it's all happened so quickly," Brown said. "I think you'd have to look at if the player contacted you, if he had legitimate interest in you, and if he fit. I think all of those things are things that you would talk about. But we can't talk about any individuals if that happened because they would be recruitable athletes that start over just like a high school player."

Brown was asked whether it bothered him that schools could go and raid Penn State's roster so quickly after the sanctions.

"It doesn't because the NCAA allowed it, and the NCAA said they want to give these kids a right to look around and look around immediately," Brown said. "Obviously the timing's very difficult for the kids and for everybody else. Could you get them in school? Would they have transferable hours? Their coaches are obviously talking to those kids right now. They're talking on campus. So it's a very difficult situation for Penn State. But I don't think it would be considered unethical at all simply because the NCAA is the one that allowed it."

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