Round Rock Westwood-Brenham Roundup

Friday, Brenham traveled to Round Rock Westwood for a scrimmage between two strong CenTex teams. Here are some notes on that scrimmage.

Classy Moment for Westwood

As much as everyone says the phrase "football is life" in Texas, sometimes real life strikes. The Brenham Cubs entered Friday's scrimmage with a heavy heart after teammate and all-district defensive back Justin Davis suffered a stroke. The stroke was caused by a blood clot in his carotid artery, a "one-in-a-million" event in a young person, as Brenham coach Glen West said doctors told him.

After surgeries to release some pressure caused by brain swelling, West said Davis was in stable condition on Friday. Still, he conceded that it was a difficult time for Davis's teammates.

And while Westwood coach Anthony Wood said it might not seem like much, the Warriors' Booster Club stepped up to the plate to help. After the scrimmage, Wood addressed the Cub players, and handed West a check for $4,400, raised by the booster club, to go to Davis's family.

It's a good learning time," West said. "It teaches you, as Coach Wood just said, it's a situation you've got to react to it, and you've got to move on. That's what Justin wants and that's what anybody would want. It's a very unfortunate thing. But we're going to work, work, work, and whatever's in front of us the next day, we're going to take it on as a challenge.

"Justin's in stable condition now," West said. "And we're hoping he just keeps getting better."

We'll hope for Justin all we can. And on Monday, West said Davis had another positive step in his recovery, moving his leg.

The Brenham team deserves kudos for persevering through a difficult situation, and Westwood's team and booster club deserves them for stepping up to help. Well-done all around.

Bear Fenimore

With 2014s, often you want to see a flash more than anything. As juniors-to-be, they don't necessarily have to be consistent to impress. Friday, Westwood's 6-foot-2, 220-pound quarterback showed both.

Fenimore was the best player on the field throughout the day and showed both the flash (more on this in a minute) and the consistency of a well-honed field general. He consistently checked down and hit the open receiver, but wasn't afraid to take his chances when he had them.

One of those chances early on showed what makes Fenimore an intriguing prospect at the next level. Playing in a scrimmage-like situation (Brenham and Westwood played one timed quarter later on, but actually scrimmaged in several different situations prior), Fenimore unleashed his arm strength to hit on a post-route for a long touchdown, pinching the ball between the cornerback trailing the receiver and the safety coming up to make a play. It was a perfect throw, one made with decisiveness and power, and the kind that many FBS quarterbacks probably couldn't have made.

It's worth noting that Brenham was out arguably its top two defensive backs, both Davis and cornerback Darrion Johnson, yet that shouldn't detract from Fenimore's performance. The quarterback — who was named for Alabama coaching legend Bear Bryant — was excellent throughout the day, and hit on some other deep balls, but that one throw showed why college coaches will be taking in Westwood games this fall.

Westwood's defense was also outstanding — watch out for this underrated group through the season — and the Warriors won the timed portion of the scrimmage 21-0.

Austin Schlottmann

When you go to see Brenham play, it's not hard to pick out Schlottmann. At 6-5 285, the towering Cub right tackle looks like a major BCS prospect, which he is. Texas, Oklahoma and Texas A&M have all been in contact, and if not for an Achilles/foot injury that he's recovering from, it's probably not a stretch to suggest that Schlottmann's offer profile would have grown significantly.

Schlottmann was cleared just three weeks ago, and West said "he's definitely not 100 percent." Schlottmann put himself at 90 percent to 95 percent, and though West said one of the next steps would also be for the massive tackle to start putting more trust on the foot.

Still, there were some things to scout. Even without being at full speed, Schlottmann was excellent in pass-protection drills, using a strong lower base and his long arms to lock out defenders and keep them off his body. And while he was a bit tentative on the move, he did make a couple really nice blocks on the perimeter of the offense on screens and plays of that nature. He definitely saw time in the weight room as a result of his injury, which left him immobilized in a boot, and his weight is up about 15 pounds from his listed weight last season. That added strength was evident on a few plays when he was able to get a great punch into the defensive player, either staggering him or knocking him to the turf.

When healthy, Schlottmann is one of the top tackles in the state for 2014, and a prospect worth monitoring. Looking for another young Brenham prospect to keep an eye on? How about safety Courtland Sutton, who passes all of the eye tests.

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