Smythe to Visit for Wyoming

Belton participated in a tri-scrimmage over the weekend with Waco High and Austin LBJ. And after putting together a strong performance, Belton tight end Durham Smythe said the experience was well worth the unconventional format.

"It's the first time we've ever done that, scrimmaging two teams, and we did it for a couple reasons," Durham Smythe said. "We wanted a chance to play about half a game, so nothing too rigorous, but at the same time we wanted two different teams that, from an offensive standpoint, would bring two different defenses, different stunts, things like that.

"I feel like we played pretty well," Smythe said. "Obviously the first scrimmage against someone else, there's going to be things you need to fix. I thought it went pretty well."

The Belton passing game was humming, which isn't a surprise, as the Tigers bring back their top three passing components in Smythe, quarterback Peter Shelburne and top wide receiver Derick Bates.

"That chemistry's been there since sophomore year," Smythe said. "I feel like we can pick up wherever we left off."

Texas hopes the Wyoming game will be an example of the Longhorns picking up where they left off with last year's season-ending Holiday Bowl win. Smythe plans to be in attendance, and will likely head to other games this year as well. He said he isn't sure when his official visit to Austin will be.

But while the Texas commitment's recruitment may be over, that doesn't mean he's done with the process. After the scrimmage, Smythe went over to say a few words to Texas target Andrew Billings, a Waco lineman.

"After the game, I checked up on him, things like that," Smythe said. "He's not the most talkative, but you've got to put in a bit of a good word, make a good last impression."

Smythe said he felt like when the 2013 Longhorn class was finished, it would leave a good impression on the Texas fan base.

"I'm pretty confident with the guys we have right now, and a couple of the prospects including Andrew, Ricky [Seals-Jones] and all of them," Smythe said. "I'm pretty confident with all them. If everything falls together like I think it will, I think it will be a pretty good class."

But until they get on campus, Smythe said he was interested to see how things played out on the 40 Acres, particularly how the Longhorns used their tight ends.

"I'm curious about that," Smythe said. "They've told me, but they'll show it pretty soon here. I've talked to David [Ash] a little bit about the offense and [his] being named starter, and he's pretty excited about that. He says everything's looking good, so I'm excited to get down there and see it."

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