Scouting Report: Damian Lindley

Longhorn Digest was at Round Rock Stony Point vs. Harker Heights, and had an up-close look at 2015 quarterback Damian Lindley.

If you've followed our site for awhile, you know that I was talking about Damian Lindley back during 7-on-7. When his mechanics are on, he spins the ball awfully well, and while he's a raw prospect, it's also worth noting that he just started his first high school game … and that he's a Class of 2015'er, so he has plenty of time.

Lindley rotated at quarterback on Thursday against Harker Heights, but he showed enough to be intrigued about his future. The 6-foot-1, 180-pounder figures to have plenty of size by the time he leaves. He has long arms and the kind of frame that makes it look like he isn't finished growing. And that shouldn't be a surprise. His brother, P.L. Lindley, is a linebacker at Oklahoma who graduated from Stony Point at 6-3 225. If Damian puts on similar size, he'll be pretty highly recruited.

At this point, he's mostly potential, a package of intriguing gifts wrapped in a still growing package. And he flashed those on Thursday. It wasn't always pretty. Lindley has plenty of arm strength, but at times throws the ball tentatively, like he's not totally sure how to aim it. He missed on a big play down the seam because he aimed the throw rather than step into it. But when he relaxes, and just throws, the result is impressive. He can generate the RPMs to make any throw you'd want.

At the same time, seeing him in pads was better in that it gave me a chance to see him run the ball in live situations. And Lindley impressed there as well. He had a 39-yard touchdown run that accounted for the game's only offensive score. It was a called pass play, but Lindley scrambled up the middle, accelerated past the pursuit, cut toward the sideline and outran the defensive backs. On another play, Lindley scrambled to throw, getting away from pressure before firing a dart to a tight end for a 21-yard gain and a first down. He can also cause problems in the zone read game, and those will only increase as he gets stronger and faster.

Lindley is far from a finished product, but he's already showing enough to be a player to watch for the 2015 class.

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