Scouting Report: Marcos Curry

Longhorn Digest was at Round Rock Stony Point vs. Harker Heights Thursday. On hand was two-time all-state linebacker Marcos Curry.

It's hard to call Marcos Curry underrated, because he's a two-time all-state player at linebacker. But from a recruiting standpoint, he might be. Curry is a combination of skills that coaches love, but it's all wrapped up in a 5-foot-10 frame that doesn't leave a ton of room for additional bulk. This summer, he was up to 215 pounds, so he's not too small, but anyone expecting him to be a 230-pound full-time linebacker might be a bit off.

As a football player, he's tremendous. Despite his likely future as a smaller outside linebacker, Curry mans the middle for Stony Point, and he does it well. It seems like most plays, even if Curry isn't the one to make the tackle, he's still pulling himself out from under the pile. He has a great nose for the ball, and special instincts at sifting through trash. That might be his biggest strength: he rarely gets caught up in the wash, and does a nice job of picking and sliding to find the ball.

Curry has plenty of speed — the Stony Point coaches have had him at sub-4.6, and as fast as 4.52 — and he also has lateral quickness. Once he arrives at the ball, he whallops and seldom gives up ground. He can tend to miss the occasional tackle because he fires in so hard on a blitz and misses a play in space. But more often, he's able to create a big play.

Because of his lack of size, finding an ideal fit for Curry could be difficult. If he were 6-2, or could get up to 230, he could play any linebacker spot. As is, he might be best suited for a defense that uses a smaller, almost safety-sized linebacker at one of its spots.

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