Scouting New Mexico

Every week, will talk to beat writers and reporters with inside knowledge on the Longhorns' opponents. This week, it's five questions with Lee Roy Lucero of, discussing Saturday's contest with New Mexico.

1) New Mexico struggled last year, but put up a great performance in the season opener. How much can one gauge about the Lobos' talent or direction at this point?

Lucero: "In talking with Coach Davie, you throw away the score last Saturday and this Saturday... What is really important is how the team played on the field, react to success or adversity, how they looked fundamentally, did they do the things the coaching staff has been asking of them? What are they learning and what are they retaining? As far as how good are they … they were good in certain aspects, but fundamentals broke down on many others."

2) Discuss the move to the triple option. What's unique about the Lobos' version?

Lucero: "The offense we choose to call 'The Grind' is all about holding onto the ball. UNM has serious depth issues resulting from the previous coaching staff and defections. So the option is all about keeping the offense on the field, controlling the clock, and trying to get to the end without injury and an opportunity to steal one at the end."

3) How does the quarterback rotation work? Is freshman Cole Gautsche a better fit for what what Bob DeBesse wants to do with the offense?

Lucero: "The rotation at QB came as a major surprise to everyone. Starter BR Holbrook was cleared a couple of days before the game due to some irregular breathing and heartbeats. He is good now, but Coach Davie did say they were going to use 2 maybe even 3 QB's. Part of it is, Holbrook is not as good at running the 'pistol' option as Cole, though BR has the better arm. Also, this is a pure rebuilding year Cole is a true frosh that they are trying to get as much experience as they can for."

4) Bob Davie's reputation was built as a defensive coach. What were your impressions on New Mexico's first go-round on that side of the ball?

Lucero: "What I've liked about Coach Davie's defense so far is the teaching of gang tackling, getting to the ball, but playing smart. Obviously against a smaller opponent the Lobos were able to impose their will. But the attacking of the QB has to be the most impressive part. The Lobos have a solid D-line and rotation and Coach Davie is using that as much as possible."

5) What's your prediction for Saturday? And how will New Mexico play out this season?

Lucero: "I think the Lobos will hang tough the first half, but as depth starts to become an issue the Lobos don't have as deep a team as UT and that is where Texas will be able to pick up the victory.

"As far as the rest of the season, UNM plays some solid teams this year, our depth issue doesn't go away and since we play Hawaii on the island the Lobos get a 13th game and no bye week. Barring injuries they should get better every week though that may not be seen on the scoreboard…"

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