Brown Discusses Bye Week

Texas coach Mack Brown discusses Ole Miss, needed bye week improvements.

According to Texas coach Mack Brown, Saturday's win at Ole Miss didn't just look good, it was historic.

"Sixty-six points is the most that's ever been scored — most scored against Ole Miss in the last 100 years," Brown said. "Last time was 1917. That's a great confidence builder for our team. And it's the most we've scored since the 2005 Big 12 Championship, where we scored 70.

"First time ever, in Texas history, that we've rushed and passed for at least 300 yards in a game on the road," Brown added. "The third time in school history we've posted 300 yards passing and rushing in the same game. Two 100-yard receivers for just the 12th time in school history. Three-hundred-yard passer, 100-yard rusher, and two 100-yard receivers-plus in the same game for the first time in school history. Two 100-yard receivers and a 100-yard rusher for the second time in school history."

But it wasn't a perfect performance.

"We are giving up too many big plays," Brown said of the defense. "It happened some to us early in the season last year. We got better at the end of the year, but still gave up some against Baylor. We still have some tackling concerns. I think the front is playing really well. But we've missed tackles at linebacker and in the secondary. There were nine missed tackles, two of which accounted for 97 yards. You take that out, you take scores out. We can't continue to do that with this league, the way that people score. We just have to keep working on it.

"The good thing is, it can all be cleaned up," Brown said. "The mistakes in the secondary, the inconsistency, are things that we can fix. We have to do it, do it better. Have two weeks to do it before we head to Stillwater. Same thing with the tackling. We're taking each play out and showing the guys the nine plays we missed tackles. We're showing them exactly what happened and what we need to fix so we can improve it. We'll just go back to work on those issues. I said in pre-season, "These have been issues in spring and fall." We said, "We lost a lot of seniors down the middle, and those four seniors are being missed right now and the young ones have to pick it up and do a better job."

The Longhorns left Ole Miss a bit banged up, and Brown said kicker Anthony Fera, linebacker Jordan Hicks and running back Joe Bergeron will be limited this week in practice.

"We will know more on Sunday when we come back," Brown said. "We'll practice today, tomorrow, and Thursday. The coaches were out recruiting, some of them yesterday. Some will go out Thursday night, most all of them will be out Friday, some Saturday, then we will come back and start practice on Sunday.

"So we will know more about Anthony, Jordan, and Joe at that time," Brown said. "They will be limited this week. We really haven't done anything with Anthony Fera since he pulled his groin, what, three or four weeks ago. The trainers and the medical staff have done whatever has been done. We haven't even seen him kick, so he has not worked with us whatsoever. But we'll reevaluate those guys on Monday."

One benefit of the Longhorns' strong early play was that Texas was able to play a ton of players and work on depth. And that puts them into a good place heading into Oklahoma State in two weeks. But Brown said the Longhorns would spend this week working on themselves, rather than taking extra time for the Cowboys.

"What we're going to do is we told the kids, we will actually look at cleaning us up and we're going to look at what we need to do to improve," Brown said. "We're not going to mention Oklahoma State to the kids until Sunday because we feel like in our past, if you're not careful, you can start playing games too early.

"If you start on them now, you talk about them all week, it's kind of old news when they get back for next week," Brown said. "We're going to wait. We're not going to have a scouting report. We'll work on things they're going to do. We will not mention Oklahoma State to them until next week."

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