Texas Seniors Talk Season

Texas seniors talk about the need to stay focused after a 3-0 start.

Senior tight end D.J. Grant said it was important not to get too far ahead on the schedule.

"Right now we are coming off of 3-0," Grant said. "That is what we push for, and we break our scales by seasons. So we just finished pre-season and now we have to get better and get ready for conference. Get ready for Oklahoma State. Keep our eyes on the game and not look to the future.

"We had some success last week, but we have to watch film and still find ways to get better and keep fighting and practicing hard," Grant said. "This week off has given us a chance to really break down their defense, see what to expect from them, and for us to come up with the best game plan. I know Coach Bryan Harsin is going to do a great job on that."

Grant is one of several seniors pushing to try and leave the Texas program the way they entered it.

"That is one of the main things [we want to do]," said D.J. Monroe, senior running back/wide receiver. "We didn't have the best seasons that we wanted. When I came in, it was a program going up and I would like to leave it the way I came in. The seniors take a lot of pride in that, and we take it upon ourselves to lead the team and not be selfish. We want to be as unselfish as we have ever been as a senior. We are going to try and lead the team into victory every time. Bottom line, we are 3-0 right now, and that is all that matters."

Not that the Longhorns are resting on their laurels. Fullback Ryan Roberson, who caught a touchdown pass against Ole Miss said that Harsin told all of the offensive players to "stay humble and hungry." And that involves tossing success into the rear view mirror as quickly as failure.

"We are just trying to simulate game reps and practice as close to the game as possible," Roberson said. "The intensity is still there. We still have to be physical, bring toughness and execute everything. Just because it is a bye week, we cannot slack off. We are still trying to be the physical offense that we are and can be."

"There is always room for improvement," added senior running back Jeremy Hills. "As far as the running game, after going back and looking at the film there are a couple of times where we could have hit a few holes a little quicker. Things open up and close a lot faster in college ball."

Hills said the Longhorns weren't satisfied with their 3-0 record.

"The last couple of years we have been 3-0, and we have been here before," Hills said. "At this point of the season we are going into the second phase. We are about to start conference and the number one thing we want to do is win our conference. You can't win your conference if you can't beat the first team. So we have to go out there and prepare for Oklahoma State, and then it will go from there with Oklahoma and West Virginia.

"It is about the same with one game at a time and one play at a time," Hills said. "One snap at a time is kind of what we were going with. Just as far as us among the guys who have been here and had a chance to see how it was done in the past with your Colt McCoys and Jordan Shipleys and guys like that. It is time to hone in and clean up any little mistakes that we are making. It is time for more film and for getting your body right. In the middle of the season your body starts to wear down a little bit, so you have to start taking care of your body and eating right. It's the little things that you have to be able to do to sustain for the rest of the year."

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