David Ash Through Three Games

Breaking down Texas quarterback David Ash's numbers, by down-and-distance.

As always, a "long" situation is any where the offense has to travel seven yards or more for a conversion. A "medium" is 4-to-6 yards, while a "short" situation is one where the offense has three or fewer yards to go.

A conversion is used to refer to the closest goal. On first and goal from the three, a conversion would be scoring a touchdown. On a second-and-six from the 50, it would be gaining a first down.

David Ash's Passing and Rushing Statistics

First and Long: 15-20 for 195 yards and one touchdown (four conversions), four rushes for 12 yards (one sack for -10 yards) (one conversion)

First and Medium: one rush for -11 yards (one sack for -11 yards) (no conversions)

Second and Long: 16-18 for 208 yards and two touchdowns (eight conversions), one rush for three yards (no conversions)

Second and Medium: 7-10 for 67 yards (four conversions)

Second and Short: 4-6 for 49 yards and two touchdowns (three conversions)

Third and Long: 5-8 for 52 yards and and one touchdown (three conversions), one rush for zero yards (no conversions)

Third and Medium: 8-9 for 132 yards and one touchdown (seven conversions), one rush for two yards (no conversions)

Third and Short: 0-1 (no conversions), two rushes for three yards (one conversion)

Fourth and Short: no passes, one rush for 49 yards and one touchdown (one conversion)

TOTAL: 55-72 for 703 yards and seven touchdowns (29 conversions), 11 rushes for 58 yards and one touchdown (two sacks for -21 yards) (three conversions)


* One of the things that showed up from our first review, and has continued on here, was Ash's success rate on second-and-long. Not only is Ash tremendously accurate (88.8 percent), but he's hitting on a stellar 11.6 yards-per-attempt. He's thrown the ball 18 times on that down, and eight times he's connected on a first down or touchdown (44.4 percent), a pretty special rate considering the distance. And when he hasn't, he's done a nice job of putting Texas into a better situation on third down.

* Speaking of third down, Ash's best overall down is third-and-medium. His conversion rate on passes (7-of-9, or 77.8 percent) is absurd. He's just as accurate as he was on second-and-long, but his yards-per-attempt (14.7) is significantly higher.

* There's way too small of a sample size to get fired up about Ash's 1-for-3 rate on third-and-short. Likewise the other way on his lone fourth-and-short play.

* When you add the whole picture together, it shows why Texas has been so successful. On first down, Ash is hitting on 75 percent of his throws. That generally puts you into a good spot for second and third downs, where Ash really starts to shine. It's also worth noting that his performance on second and third and long is a tremendous positive: that's where 10 of Garrett Gilbert's interceptions came from his sophomore year. That Ash has been able to avoid those same pitfalls and create big plays without leaving them for the other team is encouraging.

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