New Team Talking to Treadwell

Wide receiver Laquon Treadwell talks about a new team that has caught his eye on the recruiting path.

When top wide receiver Laquon Treadwell took a visit to Ole Miss a week ago, he figured that he'd have a great time. And he did.

"It was a great trip," Treadwell said. "I liked the offense they ran. I liked the campus. My family liked the environment. I basically liked everything about it."

Apparently, that also included the Rebels' opponent, Texas, which won the game 66-31.

"They had a great offense," Treadwell said. "They chucked the ball deep to their receivers, switched things up and went hurry up. That was pretty good."

Shortly after the visit, Treadwell heard that the Texas staff had interest as well.

"I was at practice one day last week, and the coaches told me Texas called to see if they could give me a call later that night," Treadwell said. "I talked to the receiver coach [Darrell Wyatt] and just talked about everything. We got to know each other, and he checked with my family to see if it was OK if they came on hard late.

"Once I talked to my mom, everything was fine," Treadwell said.

Treadwell has talked to Wyatt since, with the plans of trying to set up a visit, either for the West Virginia game or early in December for the team banquet weekend.

Treadwell has a laundry list of offers at this point, and listed off Ole Miss, Florida, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Michigan and Michigan State as some of the schools he's "really interested in." Treadwell said Texas could join that group as his familiarity with the program increased.

"I just want to get more familiar and comfortable with them and form a better relationship," Treadwell said. "I want to meet more of the kids there and talk to the recruiting class."

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