Texas OL Pushing Forward

Texas offensive linemen talk about the need to get back on track.

When faced with the Longhorns' recent struggles, senior offensive lineman Luke Poehlmann said he remembered a gesture coach Mack Brown once made.

"I'll never forget one year, we had some bad games, and Brown took a $20 bill out, crumpled it up, and said, 'It's still a $20 bill. It's still worth the same,'" Poehlmann said. "And I still I see that the same. Every single individual player we have, and every one on the offensive line, to the receivers, everybody on offense and defense — we're still the same team. We're still going to work like we've been given the gifts to play."

At one point considered one of the strengths of the offense, the Longhorn offensive line has fallen on harder times of late, averaging less than four yards per carry against West Virginia and getting dominated by rival Oklahoma in back-to-back weeks. So what can the Longhorns do to get their power running game back?

"I think a lot of the same focus on what we're doing," Poehlmann said. "And working together as a unit, as an offensive line, will help us look to some things that we need to fix. And focus on those. Focus on working together. I think that's the biggest thing we can do right now."

Poehlmann said there were some things the line needed to work on.


Sophomore offensive tackle Josh Cochran said the Longhorns took some steps forward with a strong Tuesday practice.

"Lots of energy, which is what we needed," Cochran said. "It was awesome. You could see that we were ready to go. There was some rain and that made a lot of energy and fired everyone up."

Cochran said Texas was eager to get back on the field.

"I think we are ready to go," Cochran said. "We are excited about the opportunity to play Baylor. We are just taking a step back to refocus and just moving on to the next game against Baylor. Baylor is a good team, and we know that. So we have to come prepared, and we are ready to go."

Poehlmann said the Longhorns needed to get back on the winning track.

"We've got to win because it's the next one," Poehlmann said. "That's what we're focused on. As players and as a team, we're focused on getting better each week. Having fun with the guys we're playing next to. That's what we're focused on. That includes [that] we need to beat Baylor. We need to win. But really, I'm more focused on our team right now. And our players. And us getting better as a team and playing hard."

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