Coach Speak: Paul Whitmill

It didn't take Bastrop coach Gerald Perry long to figure out that he had a special player in TCU linebacker commitment Paul Whitmill.

"I knew that his sophomore year," Perry said. "His sophomore year, we went four rounds deep. He was a starter as a sophomore. At that time we were so good on defense that teams were running at him. Well, they learned very quickly, as a sophomore, not to do that.

"The next two years, his stats really went down, but teams weren't going his way anymore," Perry said. "That was a big part of that. But he was a special player. He's a kid with so much speed, and he has good size and a kid that doesn't slow down when he tackles you. He's going to hit you, and hit you hard."

Perry went on to call Whitmill a "good student athlete, and a great kid." And Perry said TCU was a great fit for the role he'd play at the next level.

"He'll be that hybrid linebacker where he's not the 6-3, 6-4 guy that some schools are looking for," Perry said. "He's a little bit shorter, but he has the strength to play at that level. And he's a kid that is a sprint relay kid. He has track speed and can really run. There aren't many times he misses a tackle in the open field in high school games."

Still, as good as Whitmill was as a high school player, Perry said that his best football was ahead of him.

"I think he's got so much potential, and that's a great place where he's going to play at," Perry said. "I think he'll play well there and have a chance to play early."

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