In-Person Scout: Austin Jupe

Scouting Baylor defensive back commitment Austin Jupe.

Baylor commitment Austin Jupe projects as one of the top defensive backs in the state, whether you see him as a safety or as a cornerback. He's a legitimate 6-foot-1 and weighs more than 190 pounds, so you could project him as the former, but in high school he mostly plays the latter, and he has the hips and fluidity to project there.

At either position, he displays some nastiness. He's an aggressive player who has no problem getting physical, either as a sure tackler, or in coverage.

In fact, one disappointing part was that Jupe was asked to give some cushion on many downs. He's an outstanding bump-and-run corner with shock to his hands and the fluidity to turn and run with quicker receivers. It's not necessarily that he has elite speed, but he doesn't have to because he gets on a guy's hip and doesn't let them get off, maintaining contact throughout. He mucks up a receiver's route and turns it into something ugly, and ultimately, something he's able to shadow and cover.

Jupe typically has great ball skills, so I'm willing to give him a pass on two dropped interceptions he had. When you think about it, a defender has to do something very right to drop an interception. And twice, Jupe read the play perfectly and positioned himself not just to get a pick, but for a big return. Both times, he didn't hold onto the interception, but still killed the play.

After the second near-interception, the other team completely avoided Jupe's side, never throwing at him in the second half. And it's worth noting that Clark didn't have any receivers capable of testing Jupe on a play-by-play basis.

The question with Jupe will be whether he has the burst needed to keep up with Big 12 receivers, but like I said above, he does a nice job of using his strength to make it to where speed isn't a factor. And he's hardly slow: Jupe excels as a hurdler on the East Central track team. Cornerback is probably the best fit for him to start, because if he's ready to go, you have a plus-sized player against bigger receivers. And if he doesn't work out, he still has value as a safety with great range and ball skills.

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