USAAAB: Kent Perkins Emerges

Kent Perkins has a big day and other notes from the Texas offensive commitments' play on Day Two of Army Bowl practices.

Tyrone Swoopes

Swoopes again had his good moments and his bad ones. The Texas quarterback commitment appears to struggle mostly on his touch throws. Swoopes may well have the strongest arm in attendance, and he showed that in overshooting multiple receivers on deep balls. He also overthrew multiple fade routes, leaving them out-of-bounds and in spots where receivers have no chance to make a play. But when he just plays, he has a real chance. He hit on probably a 30-35-yard deep ball down the middle off his back foot when the rush was in his face. And on short routes where he just gets the ball off, he's been pretty decent all week. Swoopes ended the red zone drills with three nice throws. The first was broken up, the second two went for touchdowns. And he scored a touchdown with his legs on an athletic zone read play, slithering through the defense, then diving off one foot to get in. So again, he's showing flashes, but hasn't quite put it all together.

Jake Oliver

Oliver has been, well, Oliver. He won't necessarily wow you with his deep speed — though he's faster in a straight line than somebody like Cayleb Jones — but his route running is superb. He turned fellow Texas commitment Antwuan Davis around on one play … in fact, Davis called Oliver the hardest player on the West to defend. His hands were probably the most steady on Tuesday as well. The real downside is that we haven't been able to see the receivers block at all. That's a major Oliver strength, and it would have been nice to see how well he'd be able to wall off some of these big-time corners.

Kent Perkins

Simply put: Perkins was the most impressive Longhorn commitment on Tuesday. On a day when the defensive linemen reigned supreme, Perkins was one of the few to win most of his battles in the one-on-one pass-protection drills. He's a big, long athlete at 6-foot-6, and his weight is at a pretty nice 295 pounds. He told me afterward that Texas offensive line coach Stacy Searels wants to put him at left tackle, and though he's played on the right all week here, and has mostly been on the right in his high school career, it's becoming easier and easier to see that he could make that transition.

Jake Raulerson

Raulerson gets an incomplete here. In one of the first one-on-one pass-rush drills, Raulerson took either a helmet or a foot to the knee, and he wasn't wearing knee pads (with the two sides not going full-contact for the most part, many players elect simply to wear shorts or pants). He practiced the rest of the day, but moved somewhat gingerly and didn't have the same get-off that made him such a force on Monday. He and Perkins appear to still be the West team starters at center and right tackle, respectively.

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