USAAAB: Texas Defensive Commits, Day Two looks at the Day Two performances of A'Shawn Robinson and Antwuan Davis.

A'Shawn Robinson

Robinson wasn't as into it on Tuesday as he was on Monday, but he was still a force to be reckoned with when he ratcheted things up. He had a couple insane moves for a guy his size where he'd almost basketball-slide to the inside and then move forward, out-quicking the offensive tackle. He caught Kent Perkins with that move once, though on the very next play, Perkins came off low and hard and blasted Robinson five yards off the ball. Robinson also had potentially the most dominant pass-rushing repetition when he bulldozed Notre Dame commitment Steve Elmer, knocking Elmer to the ground. Ricky Seals-Jones really came alive on Tuesday, and it will be interesting to watch he and Robinson Duke it out for the state's top player spot.

Antwuan Davis

Davis had some nice plays again on Tuesday, typically liking to move up to play bump-and-run. Davis has some physical shock to his hands, and there aren't many wideouts who are going to be able to outrun him in a footrace. But perhaps the most impressive play that he made was on a field goal attempt, which Davis blocked with pure athleticism off the edge. Texas returns a number of defensive backs from this year, but it might be tough to keep Davis's size and speed off the field, at the very least on special teams.

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