USAAAB: Antwuan Davis Talks Army Bowl, Track

When Antwuan Davis first accepted his invitation to play in the Army Bowl, he talked about the experience beyond the game. And so far, he said he hadn't been disappointed.

"It's been one heck of an experience," Antwuan Davis said. "Seeing all these top athletes … I didn't know we had this many top athletes. So many big receivers. To be honest with you, I'm the smallest of our UT commits, and I'm a 6-foot DB. But it's been a great experience, and the competition gets higher and higher by each rep."

Davis has accepted that level of competition, often walking up to the line to play bump-and-run with the West's considerably bigger wide receivers.

"It is a challenge," Davis said. "And I realized pretty quickly what kind of challenge it was. All of our receivers, it seems like, are over 6-5. So I was like 'OK, let's get it.' You win some, you lose some. But I win most of mine. That's all I can say. But working against Ricky, and Griffin, that really prepares you for that next level. Because those guys have size and speed.

"I want to prove to everybody in the nation, if anybody has doubts about Texas corners or Texas DBs, that I'm one of the real ones," Davis said. "I'm one of the true ones. I'm here to stand and show that I'm one of the best in the nation."

Davis said he's also setting out to impress future defensive backs coach Duane Akina.

"[I want to] give him a couple of smirks," Davis said. "Have him saying, 'Yeah, he's playing for us next year.' Something like that."

If Davis is setting out to impress his future coach, he said he's been most impressed by one of his future teammates, Jake Oliver.

"His route-running, he's just really precise," Davis said. "We were playing, and most receivers will give you this move, but it's a short move, before [cutting] back in. He gave me a one-two and I turned, and I was like, 'oh snap, he's going back in', and I had to flip back. Just the way he runs his routes … I'll just say I'm glad to have him on my team."

While this will be his last football experience before Texas, Davis still has a full track season ahead of him, and he plans to finish up his stellar track career as the fastest kid in the state.

"I plan on just going ahead and taking the title this year," Davis said. "I got second last year, too close. It's time for me to go ahead, and I have to beat this guy. I don't want to beat him the way he beat me. I want to get ahead and get it over with. I've got big plans for track this season."

More like colossal plans. Davis said he plans to hit 10-flat in the 100-meter dash.

"You know, I'm getting close," Davis said. "I think by Texas Relays or state, I'm going to hit that."

Just how close? Last year, Davis had a top time in the 10.3 range, and he felt like he would have run in the 10.2 range on the fast track at UT for state, had the weather been better.

"At the state meet, the only reason [my] times weren't as fast is because it was raining," Davis said. "The day before it didn't rain. Then we ran Friday, and the day after it didn't rain. I was like man, why couldn't we catch a sunny day. Because you've got guys running 10.1 Abraham Hall, then you have a dude from 3A that ran 10.5. Now it's like, you know what, on Friday, good weather, I'm going 10.2. Then here it is, raining and stuff. I was like 'wow, not 10.2 weather.'"

With Davis excelling at track, it seems a valid question to ask whether he'll be a two-sport athlete at Texas. Davis said he wasn't sure, but that he would definitely be football first.

"It depends on where I stand on the depth chart," Davis said. "If I can get my play in and run track, then I will. But if I can't, then I'll stay with football and keep working."

Davis said that he expects to come in and have a chance to play early, even with Texas returning a number of cornerbacks.

"Coach Akina, he was like: 'I'm going to be honest with you. Your size and speed, we can't just leave you on the bench. We've got to get you in,'" Davis said. "So he's talking about rotating me in a little bit. So I'm thinking, even with the corners coming back, I can maybe go to the nickel or something like that. But I know, at least for a minute, I'm going to have to take a backseat to those guys until I [understand] everything I have to do. But I think I could see the field as a freshman."

Anything else?

"Go 'Horns," Davis said. "Way to beat the Beavers."

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